• University of Oklahoma Claims Tenth Davis Cup Win

    For the tenth time in the past 11 years, the University of Oklahoma has been awarded the Davis Cup in recognition of its enrollment, the largest in the nation, of first-year Davis United World College Scholars.

  • Assessing the Effects of Head Trauma on Athletes

    Angel-lee Randone (Thailand, UWC Thailand, Rochester ’24) works as a researcher investigating the long-term effects of repeated concussions on athletes at the University of Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital.

  • Researching for Solutions to Complex Diseases

    When Aylin Ak ’24 (Germany, UWC in Mostar) learned that her grandfather had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she became passionate about “research that improves human health by discovering actionable solutions to complicated diseases.”

  • Forging a Learning Path for Afghan Women

    Zakia Maryam Najafizada ’24 (UWC Red Cross Nordic) responded to the Taliban’s 2021 takeover of her country, and its resulting barriers to higher education for women, by developing an online English-learning application for Afghan females.

  • Building New Futures for Young Haitians

    Wilhem Hector (Haiti, UWC Red Cross Nordic, MIT ’25) founded and runs the Hector Foundation to help motivated Haitian high schoolers build the knowledge and skills they need to access higher education abroad.