The Davis UWC Scholars Program combines the transformational philanthropy of the Davis family with donations from many others to our partner colleges and universities. 

We are pleased to recognize the generous support of these donors for today’s scholars and tomorrow’s leaders. Our partner schools are invited to submit the names of those they would like listed.

Babson College Babson Global Scholars Program
Weissman Scholarship
Bates College Jonathan Blair ‘89 and Tena Fishman ‘89 Frank Global Scholarship Awards
The Gladys B. Dunn ‘51 and Robert E. Dunn ‘50 Scholarship
The Chantal Berry Dalton ‘69 and Jorge Luis Garcez-Rocha Scholarship Fund
Karen Harris ‘74, P ‘07 and Robert L. Gips P ‘07 Scholarship Fund
Rose Siqueira and Shamima Hasan International Student Scholarship
George and Dorothy Healy International Scholarship
The Terry and Suzan Kramer Family Scholarship Fund
Dean James L. Reese Scholarship Fund
Tanaka Memorial Foundation Scholarship
Jou S. and Mabel Tchao Scholarship
Brandeis University Brandeis Emergency Fund
Brandeis International Business School Scholars
Sylvia Hassenfeld Endowed Scholarship
Heller School for Social Policy & Management -Sustainable International Development (SID)Program
Malkin Israeli Endowed Scholarship
Our Generation Speaks
Peter Petri Global Fellowship
Richard and Barbara Silverman Endowed Scholarship for Israeli Students
Sylvia and Joseph Slifka Israeli Coexistence Scholarship
The Toshizo Watanabe ’73 International Scholarship Program
Wien International Scholarship Program
Brown University Alomran Family International Scholarship Anonymous International Scholarship Fund Brown International Organization Scholarship Brown Fund Turkish Scholarship
M Brian Hong ’94 International Scholarship Hong Kong Scholarship
Joukowsky Family International Scholarship Kedar Family Financial Aid Fund Leeds/Brag International Scholarship Fund MEF International Scholarship
Saint George Scholarship
Andres Santo Domingo Class of 2000 International Scholarship Fund
Shoman Scholarship Fund
Wladyslaw Gorski Memorial Scholarship Madam Lee Woo Shui Fun Scholarship
Bucknell University Dean of Students Special Fund
Carleton College C.V. Starr Endowed Fund
Carleton College Kellogg Scholarships
Underbrink Fund for Global Initiatives
Colby College Weiland Welcome Grant
College of the Atlantic Anonymous (7)
Jessica Arseneau ’18 & Roman Bina ’16 Lisa Bjerke ’13 MPhil ’16
Cora Carvalho e Silva ’23
Diana Choksey ’05 & Jordan Mandel-Iaia Sbonga Dlamini ’17
Diana Escobedo Lastiri ’09
Adrian Fernandez ’15
Juan Hoffmaister ’07
Eduarta ’05 & Matt Holl
Nishad Jayasundara ’05
Ashlesha Khadse ’08
Anna Krstevski ’05 & Alexander Krstevski ’07
Virginie Lavallee-Picard ’07 & Alexander Fletcher ’07
Nils Midtun ’24
Alejandra Morales Torres ’23
Thupten Norbu ’06
Giorgia Paliaga Mills ’23
Mauro Ramirez Azofeifa ’23
Jessica Glynn ’06 & Santiago Salinas ’05 Rachael ’05 & Sanjeev ’05 Shah and Family Helena Shilomboleni ’09
Erickson Smith ’15
Henry Steinberg ’06
Nina Therkildsen ’05
Shamsher Virk ’07
Anna Wlodarczyk ’04
Concordia College Class of 1998 Impact Scholarship
David S Birkeland Memorial Scholarship C-400 Business Division Scholarship Peter and Helen Danielson Memorial Scholarship
Gate City Bank Endowed Scholarship
Kevin and Jody Greuel Impact Scholarship Haagenson Heritage Impact Scholarship International Student Scholarship
Geraldine B Larson Scholarship
Mildred H Larson Scholarship
Donna Marie Maristuen Ellingson Scholarship in Business Education
Esther Onstad International Student Scholarship Ostercamp Scholarship
Bill Rohde Memorial Scholarship
Cy Running Memorial Scholarship
Earl and Leone Stein Memorial Scholarship Swendseid Service Scholars Award
Lois Vikan Johnson Higher Education Scholarship
Connecticut College Class of 1954 50th Reunion Endowed Scholarship
Thomas E Edwards Endowed Scholarship G and S Foundation Inc Scholarship Elizabeth Hood McAfoose ’60 Scholarship Barbara Shattuck Kohn ’72 Endowed Scholarship
Edna S Thistle ’26 and Marjorie E Smith ’22 Scholarship
The Otto and Fran Walter Commons for Global Study and Engagement
Dartmouth College Call to Lead Campaign Donors
Earlham College Jerry ’63 and Jannie ’65 Dusseau
Lake Forest College Student Emergency Fund
Lehigh University Hans J. Baer Endowed International Scholarship
Baker Foundation
Clare Boothe Luce Program for Women in STEM
Lee Iacocca International Internship Program
Linda Kagan Horowitz ’86 ’18P ’19PG ’21P and Seth Horowitz ’18P ’19PG ’21P
Paul and Karen Levy International Scholarship
Marcon Social Justice Institute
The Mountaintop Projects
Lewis & Clark College Paget-Davis UWC Scholars Program
Luther College William and Norma Hervey Scholarship
David O Lomen Scholarship in Mathematics & Science & Dr Herman Ellingson Scholarship
Stephen W & Kari M Noltner Scholarship
Macalester College American Friends of the Middle East Scholarship
Kofi Annan Scholarship
Yahya Armajani Scholarship
Jimm Crowder and Steve Colee Endowed Scholarship
Edwin S Elwell — Middle East Scholarship Estudiar con Esperanza Scholarship
Nels & John Fahlgren Scholarship
Robert B Gile Scholarship
Alexander G Hill Endowed Fund for International Student Scholarships
Marissa Leow ’11 International Student Program Endowed Legacy Fund
Allen Moore Scholarship
Harold B Shapira Endowed Scholarship C V Starr Scholarship
James Tripp Endowed Scholarship Marie Wunderlich Scholarship
Middlebury College Said L Al-Nashashibi ’05
Amy Y Geier and Philip O Geier P’06, Hon ’08 
Pu Haidong
Charles G Knox
Peter Lawston-Johnston 2015 Revocable Trust 
Reverend G W Logan, Jr ’00 and Dr Ashley F Logan
Linda McGillicuddy and Clement McGillicuddy 
Michael D Schoenfeld ’73 Scholarship Fund 
Tana Sterrett Scott ’65
Kashif Zafar ’92 and Sujatha Menon Zafar ’94, P’21, ’23 
Rehan Zafar ’21
Northwestern University Buffett Institute for Global Studies
Ryan Family Scholarship
Skidmore College The Hayward Donahue, Susan ’73 and Digger Donahue Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Doody Cook ’67 Endowed Scholarship 
Henry and Eleanore Galant Endowed Scholarship
Amy ’74 and Phil Geier
Charles G & Ethel Guptil Scholarship
W Hearst Scholarship
Sibyl Kirby Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Lutjen Liebig ’34 Memorial Scholarship 
Haoran Ma ’12
Megan McAdams ’08 International Community Service Internship Award
McAdams Family Enhanced Spring Break International Community Service Program 
Jessica A Morten ’08 Scholarshrip
Rajiv and Zarine Silgardo ’18
Silgardo Family Scholarship
Mitsi Tokioka Nishimura ’53 Endowed Scholarship
Mr Yahia M Imam ’11 and Ms Kelsey P Weiss ’12
St. John’s College Anonymous
St. Lawrence University Alumni Executive Council Endowment for Internships and Experiential Learning Fund
Gregg and Camy Asplundh Award for International Studies
Sabra J Bartlett ’74 Award for International Studies
Beckerer, Brady and Jones Endowed Fund for International Studies
Black Laurentian Initiative Racial Justice and Equity Project
Daniel L Brindisi ’89 and Cynthia K Brindisi P’19 Internship Fellowship
Cabot Family Endowment for International and Intercultural Education
Michael W and Pamela Van Hoven Clark Career Planning Fund
Corolyn Susan Conkey Scholarship Terry Cowdrey Endowment for Student Recognition
Emerson Foundation — Data Science Fund Ferguson Family University Fellows Endowment
France-Merrick Pinkard Fund for International Study
Freeman Foundation Asian Endowment 
Gardner Career Awareness Endowment Fund 
Giltz, DeLauder & McCullough International Travel Award
Madeline Goff ’17 Endowed Travel Fund Karen Caines ’93 and C Neil ’94 Gray Fund for International Studies
Martha MacCallum Gregory ’86 and Daniel J Gregory P’23 Endowed Internship Fund 
Susan Brown ’76 Hallenbeck and Robert M Hallenbeck ’76 Endowment for International Research and Study
Eric H Hanson ’70 Endowment for International Study
Keller Family Fund
Kenyan Scholars Discretionary Support Fund 
Karen Cushnie ’83 — Kettering Family Foundation Internship Fund 
Kiene/Torosian International Study Award 
Jennifer W Knowles ’89 and Robert M Knowles P’21 Internship Fund
Koski Family University Fellowship
Janet K Langlois ’71 Internship Fellowship Endowment
Laurentian Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund 
Dan and Kiki Mahar Endowed Internship Fund 
Maurer Collaborative Communication Initiative 
McKinnon International Travel Award
The Andrew W Mellon Foundation 
Nancy Pierce Endowed Award for International Studies
H L Platt and Barbara Glendenning Platt ’53, P’83 International Travel Fund
The Noah and Jean Plotkin Kenya Travel Fund 
Ali Pomponio Research Award for International Studies
Public Health Endowed Internship Fund
J Ansil Ramsay Student Enrichment Award 
Frederic Remington Prize in Fine Arts
The Betsy Cogger Rezelman International Travel Endowment Fund
SLU PIC Program
Stewart’s Shops and Dake Family Internship Fellowship Fund
Stradling Student Research Endowment 
Daniel J ’83 and Mary Pat ’83 Suits Endowment for International Studies
Daniel F ’65 and Ann H Sullivan Endowment for Student/Faculty Research
The Tanner Fellowship Award 
Thompson-Weatherup Family Charitable Foundation University Fellows 
William and Judy Frear ’69 Thorpe International Travel Fund
Charis Wagner Warshof ’71 Endowed Internship Fund
The Walker Family US/Canadian Internship Fund
Weave News Abroad Fellowships 
Weaver/Nicolais Family International Travel Endowment Fund
Carol A Williams ’73 Expendable Internship Fund
Lilian J Wittwer Travel Fund
St. Olaf College All the World’s a Stage Fund
An Anonymous Fund
Ballard Family Endowed Scholarship 
Barnes and Noble Book Scholarship 
Brenda Berkman NYC Art
Margaret Boldt Anderson Endowed Fund 
Brameyer Scholarship
Dennis & Kathleen Brekken Scholarship 
Karen L Clark Endowed Scholarship 
Cole Scholarship
Fjelstad Music Scholarship
Mary Foshager MD Endowed Scholarship
Steven Fox Endowed Scholarship 
Goeppinger Family Endowed Scholarship 
Groot Scholarship
Helgen Family Scholarship
Herbert & Delores Hildebrandt Asian Scholarship
Hoyle Scholarship
International Studies Scholarship — Palm Kunau Scholarship
David & Kirsten Kvamme Salmi International Fund
L. DeAne Lagerquist Endowed Scholarship 
Larsen Family Scholarship
David & Darlene Lee Music Lessons Fund 
Sidney & Marie Leean Scholarship
Mueller Family Endowed Scholarship 
Narvestad Scholarship
Derek & Kris Olson Scholarship
G. & A. Paulsrud Scholarship
E.M. Pearson Scholarship
Rand Scholar Award
LaVern & Barbara Rippley IOS Endowment 
Smith Family Scholarship for Study Abroad 
Maxine L Wade Endowed Scholarship
The College of Idaho Amano Restaurante
Laura Arjona & Alex Frey
Brian & Amy Bava
Jonathan Bunten
Cade Cherry
Thomas Clifford & Ida-Louise Smit 
Rebecca Constantino & Steve Sines 
George & Keri Crookham
Michael & Lynda Danielson
Julie DeBuhr
Peter & Kathryn Decker
Coby & Susan Dennis
John & Elaine Detweiler
Marissa Diener & Frank Yannelli 
David & Lily Douglass
Deena Emry
Billie Farley & Stephen Smith 
Jeanne Flowers
Gregory & Laura Franz
Ardis Gonzales
Alexandra Grande & Brady Harrison 
Joe & Carolyn Haggard
George & Joan Hall
Alan & Jacquelin Heftman 
Arnold & Terri Hernandez 
Wayne Wiebe & Cynthia Hespe 
Mary Higdem
William Hohlt
Anthony & Carolyn Hunt
Ruth Tincoff & Bruce Inglehart 
Matthew & Jaci Johnson 
Emilee Jones
Haylee & Spencer Kindall
Jill Kindall
Shawn & Sharon Kirkeby 
Steven & Ann Koga
Grove Kroger
Matthew & Bridget Laye 
Paloma Magana-Pabst 
Joseph & Jeanne Masar 
Patricia Matthews
Jim & Karen McCulloch 
William Meyer
Winston Moore
Richard & Lisa Ogle
Lorenzo & Ariel Olvera
Jack & Abigail Parsons 
Jennifer Pattee
Michael & Wendy Polster 
Wayne & Wendy Rancourt 
Steven & Tamara Reames 
Kevin & Julene Reed 
Yordanos Refu
Carolyn Rich
Yana Sadouskaya
Miriam Schneider
Michael & Donna Shines 
Benjamin Thomas
Emily Tormey
Jill Turner
Mary Wald
Theodore & Dona Walters 
David Webster
Richard & Donna Weed
Layth Yousif
Tufts University The Oliver Chapman Fund
Jane Etish-Andrews Endowed Scholarship
The Laila Moshiri Yazdi Fund
University of Chicago Neubauer Family Foundation
University of Florida Dr. Margaret Early’s United World College Scholarship Program
Bill Kolb Memorial Fund for Davis UWC Scholarship Program Support
University of Michigan Cliff Siegel
University of Oklahoma The Holden Family
University of Richmond Arabic Studies
Aronson Family Scholarship
Chinese Language Program
Chinese Student’s Travel Fund
Don Quijote Scholarship
French Studies
Friends of Study Abroad Scholarship Fund 
German Studies Program
Global Studies Program
Ada Moss Harlow and William Maupin Harlow Scholarship
International Business Studies Department 
International Education Dean’s Discretionary Fund 
International Students Support Fund
Italian Department
Japanese Language Program
Languages, Literatures and Cultures Discretionary Fund
Latin American and Iberian Studies Discretionary Fund
Mednick Fellowship
Russian Studies
The Scholars Latino Initiative — VA
Joseph Edwin Trader Fund for International Students
Trulaske International Education Program Fund 
Jean Gray Wright Scholarship
Vassar College Shirley Oakes Butler Scholarship Fund
The Martha Jarnigan Evans Scholarship Fund
Dorothy W. King Scholarship Fund
J.P. & L.T. Marangu Family Scholarship
Plapinger Family Scholarship
President’s International Advisory Council Scholarships
Sarah Tod Fitz Randolph Scholarship Fund
Yannis Pavlos Vardinoyannis Scholarship Fund
Wartburg College Dr. Yohannan T. & Tessy Abraham
Dr. Corey L. & Dr. Karla Belken
Dr. Benjamin D. & Dr. Samantha C. Larimer Bousquet
Sean T. & Jennifer Coleman
Dr. Delford I. Doherty
Bradley J. Duellman
Kimberly K. Folkers
Lester L. Franzen
Daniel C. & Kasandra L. Grosser
James J. & Ruth M Hein
Dale L. Johnson
Knight’s Experience Grant Program
Dr. David A. & Janet J. McCullough
Mary L. Mortensen
Dr. Donald M. & Claudia Parker
Margaret E. Phelps
Peggy J. Retka
Dr. Alexander F. & Sharon G. Smith
Dr. Mark F. Trax & Dr. Ann Henninger
Dr. Edward A. & Jill L. Westen
John A. & Kay Wiese
Dr. Linda L. & Gerald L. Wolf
Drs. Roland K. & Sharon A. Yoshida
Whitman College Kris Barry
Kyle Martz ’07 Scholarship Fund
Williams College Phil ’70 and Amy Geier