A group of college students pose together smiling, and the two in the center hold a white flag with the blue text UWC

Davis UWC Scholars arrive at American colleges and universities with outstanding academic abilities, as well as a proven capacity to build relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds.

They pursue leadership roles in their collegiate communities, home countries, and the professional world. Upon graduation, they enter the workforce as energetic agents of change.

Our Scholars

Hailing from all 18 UWC high schools and over 160 countries worldwide, the Davis UWC Scholars represent a vibrant community of globally-minded young people. 


Geographic diversity is key to the program’s mission. In the map below, every country colored green represents a place that at least one current scholar calls home. 


Our Alumni

Since the first class of Davis UWC Scholars graduated in 2004, the size of each graduating class has rapidly expanded as more partner institutions and UWC graduates have enrolled.


This also means that the number of Davis UWC Scholars Program alumni finding success in their careers and lives after graduation has grown exponentially.



To learn more about any class of DUWCSP Scholars, you can explore our Annual Reports.