The Davis UWC Scholars Program has two key partner groups: our collegiate partners that accept the scholars, and the UWC high schools that start them on their academic journeys.


Collegiate Partners

Our college and university partners hail from all over the United States, ranging from research universities to liberal arts colleges. 

We are proud to work with a collection of institutions dedicated to educating and supporting the next generation of scholars and leaders.

Current Partners
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2023-2024 Collegiate Partners

If you are part of an institution interested in becoming a partner, inquiries may be directed to Lisa Viau through

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UWC High Schools

Kurt Hahn founded the first UWC in 1962 on the idea “that if young people from different backgrounds were educated together, they could build an understanding which could prevent future conflicts.” 

Every UWC school partners with the Davis UWC Scholars Program to place their students in American colleges and universities.

UWC High Schools
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2023-2024 UWC Parnters

Visit the UWC website to learn more about the global program and each of the schools.

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