The Davis UWC Scholars Program is committed to fostering a greater diversity of globally engaged students and communities on U.S. college campuses. 

Ensuring an internationally-oriented undergraduate experience is a key component of building a world prepared to approach our common crises with understanding and collaboration. 

A group of college students of various skin tones and appearances pose together on stone steps holding an array of world flags.

Our Mission

Since 1962, thousands of young people from the world over have been selected to attend one of 18 UWC high schools with the goal of building cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Our founders, Shelby Davis and Phil Geier, were inspired by this movement. They sought to amplify its impact, and so the Davis UWC Scholars Program was born. 

What started with a small pilot group has since expanded into a dynamic program consisting of nearly 100 partner institutions.

Five Guiding Pillars

Underpinning the mission of the Davis UWC Scholars Program are five pillars. Watch the video below to learn more about each of these guiding values.

DUWCSP Five Guiding Pillars