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Clean Drinking Water in Nepal

Finally, in their home nation of Nepal, Savant Shrestha (Middlebury, UWC Norway) and Kumud Ghimire (Brown, Pearson UWC) brought sand, concrete, pipes, and steel for a new water system by truck and foot to a western mountain village where women and children had been trudging two hours each day to gather water, and villagers had been dying young from water-borne cholera and diarrhea. Safe water fed by Himalayan snows now reaches 150 village households and 1,200 people, with a storage tank to keep the supply through the dry season.

“This project has shown us how we have the ability to make a change in our own country,” Savant reflected. “It doesn’t have to come only from the government — each of us can make change. And thanks to the Kathryn Davis Projects for Peace, this has been possible.”