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Embroidery Empowers Afghan Women

In Kabul, Afghanistan, Colby College senior Sulaiman Nasseri lived under the Taliban regime and saw the nightmarish ways it treated women. “I wanted to do something for the women of Afghanistan — especially for my mom,” he said. “I am here because of her.” Talking with his family, he hatched an idea: his project would train women from a poor neighborhood to do professional embroidery, and equip them with simple tools.

The 18 women who now earn income from embroidery have an average of four children each. The project has enabled many of their children to attend school “who would otherwise,” Sulaiman said, “have worked on the dangerous streets of Kabul as child laborers to find livelihood for their families.” The three trainers recruited for the project have reported that its work continues. The women are producing embroidered clothes, popular among Afghans, and a city shop is selling them. “Yes, this is a small project,” Sulaiman summed up. “But what I’m doing here is making a real difference.”

This was a Project for Peace.