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Collecting Smiles in Srebrenica

In Srebrenica, Bosnia, where over 8,000 Muslims were murdered by Serbian Army units in 1995, Methodist University students Dzenana Dzanic, Amna Causevic, Samra Mrkovic, and Emina Hodzic (all Bosnia & Herzegovina, UWC Mostar) worked with a local expert on the genocide to identify 14 families in the countryside still struggling to recover. The team visited each, to find out what they needed. To some they provided livestock; to others tools, such as a chainsaw, sewing machine, or greenhouse, to start a business; to still others they donated furniture for devastated homes, or heating fuel for the winter.

“We are all Bosnians. We are like brothers and sisters,” Dzenana Dzanic said. “I often think of those families, of what they need and what I have.”

This was a Project for Peace.