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Resolving “Stinking Heaps” in Afghanistan

In Kabul, Afghanistan, local native Nafisa Mohammadi (Mahindra UWC, College of the Atlantic ’10) set out to clean up a two-acre dump site that was contaminating her home neighborhood — but she ran into so many complications that, in midsummer, she changed plans. Nafisa enlisted the cooperation of one neighborhood in replacing an open sewer line with 75 meters of underground concrete line linked to the main public sewer.

“It gives a cleaner space for these people to commute, for the children to play, to have their neighborhood — and people can look at it and take the initiative in another area,” said Nafisa, who hopes to develop a business creating a market for Afghan women’s handicrafts. “Having this experience taught me what I will have to go through to accomplish this,” she said.

This was a Project for Peace.