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Connecting Young Burmese with University Mentors

After graduating from Georgetown with an economics degree, Khin Myint Myat Zin ’20 (Myanmar, UWC Atlantic) returned to Mandalay, her childhood home, to work remotely as a mergers and acquisitions research associate with B. Woods & Company, an Arizonabased consulting firm. Khin’s weekends are devoted to her passion project: she is chief managing officer of BridgeBurma, a global project that connects students in Myanmar with mentors at nearly three dozen universities on several continents.

BridgeBurma was designed, Khin says, to “increase talents in Myanmar by fostering knowledge-sharing between Burmese living abroad and the local Burmese community,” both to counter the “brain drain” of talented young people leaving the country and to help students who are living abroad to stay connected with their homeland.

“I was very fortunate to find my current job, which allows me to work from home in Myanmar,” Khin says. “I really enjoy the work, especially getting to learn about different businesses and a diverse array of industry verticals while helping our private equity clients find companies to invest in or acquire. 

“While my full-time job involves a lot of research, my part-time endeavor in BridgeBurma involves a lot of project management, operations, and marketing. And I love working with youths in Myanmar, and sharing knowledge and opportunities with them. Giving back is a value that both UWC and Georgetown taught me, and I cherish it very much.”