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Helping Students at Her UWC Find Their Own Paths

As the university counselor at the United World College from which she graduated, “I have truly returned to where it all started,” says Anja Kresojevic Kordic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, UWC Mostar, Earlham ’14). She took the position last year, and now has a portfolio of 100 advisees.

“UWC and Earlham played a huge role in deciding exactly what I wanted to do,” Anja reflects. “Many public schools here do not have university counselors — there is no one to explain what options are available to students. I was very lucky to get into this kind of work.”

After Earlham, Anja spent a year with American Spaces, an organization that oversees a network of 600 cultural centers supported by the U.S. government. She then took a position as an international advisor for Education USA, which partners with the U.S. State Department to support some 430 international student advising centers in more than 175 countries and territories.

A certified youth worker, Anja has volunteered since 2017 with the National UWC Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She continues to work with Education USA, while also advising students at UWC Mostar. “I urge them to look beyond my experience,” she says. “It means a lot because I get to help them on the road to their future, helping them find a place where they can truly see themselves being successful.”