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Davis United World College Scholars


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Building Skills and Learning, at Home and Globally

Even before enrolling at Li Po Chun UWC, Hawi Odhiambo (Kenya, Lake Forest ’25) talked with farmers in her home country to help her develop a prototype and instructional manual for using aquaponics — a system that blends hydroponic plant cultivation with the raising of aquatic food species in tanks — as a sustainable way for Kenyan farmers to combat drought.

“The project not only taught me about what works scientifically,” Hawi says, “but it provided a platform for me to be able to learn more about life skills such as communication and the concept of being open-minded towards every and all situations.” At Lake Forest, “I am currently involved with Women in Business, learning more about what business can do for me and how the world works through a financial lens,” she reports. “I want to learn more about sustainable relations globally, as well as looking at environmental laws in different countries.”