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Lindo Zondo (UWC '17) Delivers Moving Commencement Address at The College of Idaho

The 2020-2021 academic year was an undertaking like no other in contemporary memory. Therefore, speakers at any capstone event, be it a college commencement or high school graduation, were confronted with encapsulating the tumult, while incorporating the traditional notes of hope and celebration. 

It was with this backdrop that Lindo Zondo, a Waterford Kamhlaba UWC graduate and 2021 Senior Class Speaker for The College of Idaho, ascended to the podium. Graduating with a dual degree in Business Administration and History with minors in Theatre and Applied Mathematics, Zondo faced this last assignment of sorts before his post-graduation plans took him off to a job at Goldman Sachs in Chicago, Illinois. For anyone lucky enough to be there or who has since watched his speech in full, it was a moving coda to a college career. 

After walking up to the stage while a surprise recording from his grandfather played, Zondo wasted no time settling into the lovely blend of humor and heart that characterized his address. He began with a bit of audience interaction, asking all those in attendance to “turn to your neighbor,” and tell them “I promise I won’t laugh as Lindo stumbles over his words today.” It was an effective opening joke that inspired a ripple of laughter and applause, but it was, in the end, a moot point, because Zondo remained eloquent and in control from the start.

What followed that opening laughter was a speech that celebrated the resilience of Zondo’s classmates, the moments of joy that propelled them through the ongoing pandemic, and did not back away from touching on the difficulties and injustices inherent in those struggles. To paraphrase any more would be a disservice to Zondo’s accomplishment, and instead of doing so, we implore you to follow this link to watch the full speech. You shall not regret it. 

Alongside Zondo, we celebrate all of the accomplishments and perseverance of our Davis UWC scholars who graduated in 2021. Best wishes and good luck to all.