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Blending Climate-Action Science and Policy

Agim Mazreku (Kosovo, UWC Adriatic, College of the Atlantic ’20) is not waiting to work for positive change. In his home nation, Agim has been an intern in climate policy and science for the UN Development Programme. At CoA, he has worked as an analyst at the college’s Community Energy Center, which helps local businesses, schools and farms conserve energy and find sustainable power sources.

He was chosen to be one of 100 “Green Ticket” holders for last year’s first UN Youth Climate Summit and UN Climate Action Summit in New York City. And he has attended several Conference of the Party sessions of the UN Framework Conference for Climate Change, as part of a CoA program in environmental policy.

“I’m designing my bachelor studies in a way that I get to learn the science, and also the policy, on climate change,” says Agim, who speaks English, Albanian, Turkish and Italian. And even as he’s earning his undergrad degree at CoA, Agim is also working toward a master’s at Bard College in New York state.

“My vision is that I will be working in the policy world, both at a national and international level, as much as I can,” Agim says. “But there is one thing I’m pretty sure about, and that is making sure that the world acknowledges and gets to know that Kosovo is a young, independent country, and that we deserve to be part of any international negotiations — not just on climate change.”