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Building Awareness, Connection & Community

When Mauzay Dlamini (Eswatini, Waterford Kamhlaba UWC, College of Idaho ’20) first came to the college, “There was a clear divide between American and international students,” he says. “Not enough mixing and learning was happening.” He began hosting Diversity Night events — and as a senior, he has been president of the college’s Oxfam club, which is linked to Oxfam International’s efforts to combat injustice and poverty.

“I saw the opportunity to lead Oxfam as a way to raise awareness about the issues faced around the world to the student body,” he says. “I also saw it as an opportunity to highlight the poverty and social-justice issues faced by people in Idaho.”

At home, Mauzay notes, “We have high levels of poverty and unemployment, and that has always been an important issue for me and my people, which is why I also study international political economy.

“I have been focused on getting American students involved a lot more, because I notice they live in a bubble and have little knowledge about the issues in their state and around the world. I recruited American students at the club fair ... I also organized events, like our Oxfam Variety Show, to get American students excited and see that we can also be a fun club.”

Mauzay was selected as one of ten national Oxfam CHANGE leaders for 2019. And these days on campus, he observes, “The school is more together than I have seen it. I like to think I played a role in that.”