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Helping Young People Learn to Make Change

“A lot of people in my generation have grown up looking at climate change, looking at the injustices that are happening. There is huge interest in my generation to do something,” notes Julia Schetelig (Germany, UWC of South East Asia, Earlham ’21). “People my age often have that motivation, but don’t often know where to start. That energy isn’t really turned to something.”

To help guide and inspire that energy, Julia created the website generimpact.com.

“It’s a resource platform,” she says, “from apps that take a few minutes to organizations you can volunteer with. If you have an idea to start your own initiative, here are some sources of funding you can apply for; here are some crowdfunding tips. You want to make a difference — here are all the different ways you can.”

Her project has its roots at UWC, where Julia got involved with Sky School, a UK-based nonprofit that has worked with UWC South East Asia to develop a secondary-school diploma program for young refugees around the world. Julia joined in a “hackathon,” she says, “getting together a syllabus that would give refugees the skills to create initiatives within their community. They could look for scholarships, funds or apps that help you change the world.”

On Earlham’s campus, “I don’t see myself as Julia the leader; I see myself as Julia, your friend. I hope I can be there for you, and help you become the leader you want to be.”