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A Duo's Catchy Music Energizes Fans

They first made music together as Class of ’14 seniors at Brown, and today the duo Sofi Tukker — with Sophie Hawley-Weld (USA, UWC Adriatic) and Tucker Halpern — is setting the festival circuit alight with engaging energy and a distinctive, eclectic style.

Sophie spent a college semester in Brazil, and was planning to return there after graduation when she met Tucker at a Brown performance event. “I was playing acoustic bossa nova music in a trio and Tucker was the DJ that night,” she recalls. “He came early and saw what we were doing, and ended up remixing one of my songs on the spot. We have been working together ever since.”

Last year was “enormous” for Sofi Tukker, says vmagazine.com. “The electronic duo played Coachella for the first time, made waves with their distinct blend of surreal and funky jungle-dance jams, and even earned an unexpected Grammy nomination for their bizarro breakout single, “Drinkee,’” the website reports.

Then Apple chose the duo’s song “Best Friend” as the soundtrack for its ad introducing the iPhone X. Released in mid- September 2017, it had been viewed on YouTube almost 21 million times by year’s end. “I want our fans to feel they can be themselves in the most ridiculous way possible,” Sophie told the cultural site dujour.com. “I want them to feel tired and exhausted, but in a good way.”