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Covering Conflict, with Compassion

Earlier this year, Ediz Tiyansan (Turkey, Waterford Kamhlaba UWC, Dartmouth ’09) returned to the U.S. for the first time since his college graduation — this time as White House correspondent for TRT World, Turkey’s international, 24-hour English-language news channel.

“I hope to help make better sense of our fast-evolving planet,” Ediz writes. “And I believe in the irony of our Information Age, where unhindered access to the most relevant, urgent, and accurate information has become a greater challenge than ever.”

After graduating from Dartmouth, Ediz worked as an intern attaché for Turkey’s UN mission. He then volunteered with Save the Children, which took advantage of his Arabic language proficiency to send him to the West Bank. On a Christmas trip to Bethlehem, he met a news crew from TRT (Turkish Radio TV), his country’s national public broadcaster. He became a TRT producer, then a reporter in China and the Middle East, where he was TRT’s Jerusalem correspondent.

In a region engulfed in violence, Ediz covered two wars in Gaza, the civil wars in Libya, and most recently the civil war in Syria. He was the first international journalist to access Jarablus, the first town captured from ISIS in northern Syria. Joining TRT World last year, Ediz became its Syria correspondent before being assigned to TRT’s Washington bureau. Last May, he was a featured speaker at a Jerusalem Press Club panel discussion, “War Coverage in the Digital Age.” “I’m motivated,” Ediz writes, “by stories of compassion transmitted through empathy — which is only possible by tearing down language barriers.”