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A "Global Ambassador" on Campus

When Amar Granulo (Bosnia-Herzegovina, UWC in Mostar, Hood ’19) and Liberian student Abraham Kettor wanted to organize a Red Cross Club at Hood last year, they had to explain to some American friends why this particular nonprofit mattered in their lives. “We would have meetings, and Abraham and I would talk about our experiences,” Amar says. “They kind of got that perspective, to live in our shoes.

“Back home in Bosnia, the Red Cross is one of the most famous organizations,” he explains. “Mostar is a divided city, between Croats and Bosnians. I grew up in a family that taught me not to get involved in nationalism and things like that.”

At UWC in Mostar, Amar helped organize peace-building workshops and activities that brought together young people from both sides of the city. At Hood, he and Abraham have led the Red Cross Club in running a blood drive, a registration campaign for potential bone marrow donors, and a project they call the Home Alarm Campaign, where club members choose a nearby community and go door-to-door offering to install free smoke detectors. They also organized a dodgeball tournament to raise money for hurricane survivors in Houston and the Caribbean.

In the classroom and around Hood, where Amar is majoring in global studies, “he’s really great with interjecting thoughtful comments,” observes Paige Eager, a political science professor who is Amar’s advisor and directs the Global Studies Program.

“When we’re talking about ethnic and religious conflicts in various countries, he’s able to bring a perspective to the class” — one that, she adds, often has a greater impact on American students than anything a professor can offer. “He’s kind of a global ambassador,” Dr. Eager sums up. “He’s so well known on our small campus.”