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Influencing Public Policy in Peru

Fiorella Oremeño Incio (Peru, Red Cross Nordic UWC, Macalester ’09) grew up in Peru’s main port city, Callao, which has long been plagued by crime and drug trafficking. Having earned a first-rate education at UWC and Macalester College, she’s back in Peru, working on public policy with special interests in curbing violence against women and creating new opportunities for young people.

“In the back of my mind, I always have my hometown and the struggles my family went through, with scarce resources, to provide me with the best opportunities,” Fiorella writes. “I think of the thousands of kids in my country with tremendous potential but no fair access to quality basic services. I believe this will change — and influencing policy making is the best way to directly impact that in my society.”

After Macalester, Fiorella earned a postgraduate degree in political governance and management, then worked to help Peruvian academics link their research to government policy changes. In 2011 she became director of research and development at Peru’s Ministry of Education, where she started a youth entrepreneurship training program. From 2012-14 she was senior operations analyst for the Inter-American Development Bank, where she helped develop public policy on labor, social protection, and gender issues. She also helped implement development projects on preventing violence against women and reforming the health sector, among others.

Today, Fiorella is head of the Political Economic Team at the British Embassy in Lima, advising the British government on political and economic issues. Married with a son and a stepson, she is working to complete a master’s degree at San Marcos University. Her work was recognized last year with one of the highest honors given by the Parliament of Colombia, a Knight of the Order of Democracy Merit.