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Amplifying Global Voices in the Arts

In 2016, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago gave one of its Peanut Butter & Jelly Awards for “students who exemplify the characteristics of an artist and a leader” to Hyein (Haley) Jung ’17 (South Korea, UWC of South East Asia). The school said Haley “has become an advocate for global perspectives on campus and in Chicago.”

Being an advocate and a leader in her college community has, for Haley, mostly centered on amplifying the voices and artwork of others. In April 2016, she organized a symposium on campus that examined the growing visibility of contemporary Asian art. Working as an intern at the Art Institute of Chicago, she helped develop a project that led to the institute becoming the first U.S. institution to devote a gallery to a Korean school of monochromatic paintings from the post-Korean War period.

“From my freshman year, I became part of student programming boards here,” Haley says. “My major goal was to create a community — to create more platforms for students to come join, share their ideas, and create a safe space for any sort of discussion. I also co-founded a group called Artpreneurs, that has brought in entrepreneurship in relation to art at our school. It allows students to be more invested in arts administration.

“The meaning of ‘leader’ is not really limited to people who are in higher positions or in politics,” Haley muses. “Artists can really bring about social, political, historical impacts. That’s how I believe artists are true leaders in their core practice. I hope I can be one through investing my time and effort into bringing about much-needed change for people around me.”