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Passing Along a Passion for Learning

“Since I was a kid, I had the idea that I wanted to choose a career that influenced the world in a positive way — to do something that helped others, that brought value to the world,” says Andra Pascu (Romania, Pearson UWC, Middlebury ’17). Growing up, she was sure she’d become a doctor. She found a passion for economics in her classes at UWC. At Middlebury she discovered political science, and became fascinated with international relations.

“Being from Romania, this is a country that has had a pretty tumultuous path,” Andra notes. “I was born five years after the revolution, and I grew up in a country that was still trying to find itself politically. I grew up with that always in the background, and hearing stories about the communist time.”

As she looks beyond college, hoping to go to graduate school, Andra wonders about the rise of nationalist movements in Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere. What will happen next in the world? “I think it’s an interesting time to study politics and international relations,” she says.

And as she considers the ongoing evolution of her interests and her sense of purpose, Andra sees one common thread. “I’ve been very influenced by a lot of my teachers and professors,” she says. “It was my English teacher in Romania who found out about UWC. My teachers at UWC and at Middlebury have influenced me a lot, positively — and I would like to have the same influence in the future. My plan is to become a professor, in political science or international relations.”