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Shauna Aminath Helps Remake Maldives Government

At the age of 23, Westminster College 2008 grad Shauna Aminath (Maldives, Pearson UWC) is working in the cabinet of her country’s government.

“I am working in the president’s office,” Shauna advised recently. “My position is deputy undersecretary (policy office) and I work in the monitoring and evaluation unit of the policy office.

“It’s a team effort .... So far we have been working on administrative decentralization, which is needed for this country to develop and establish a stronger democracy. Also a strong government move to privatize utilities and other private-sector investment projects, the idea being that it will be out of government budget and ... far more effective.

“... We hope to attract joint venture companies as we attract investors,” Shauna said. “The idea is to uproot corruption and create a foundation for a strong, competitive political system.

“I have high hopes,” she added. “The new president is an inspiration. We have a self-made democracy here and 30-year-old dictatorship ousted peacefully. I think I can write a book about this.”