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Davis United World College Scholars


Comments from Our Partner Institutions

Bennington College

“The most confounding challenges of our time transcend geographic borders, languages, and cultural differences; they demand global solutions and a belief in our common humanity. At Bennington, we prepare students to tackle those challenges with tireless curiosity and rigorous creativity, and inspire future generations to lead with empathy and understanding. This is the profound value of the Davis UWC Scholars Program at Bennington College. Through the program, our students are exposed to a range of perspectives and ideas, preparing them for a purpose-driven life committed to working to make the world more beautiful, sustainable, democratic, and just.” - Laura Walker, President

Brandeis University

“The Davis UWC Scholars at Brandeis University enrich our campus in many ways...Their leadership and involvement on campus highlights diversity and cultural connections throughout our community... In addition to cultural clubs on campus, our Davis UWC Scholars are actively involved in other organizations that promote peer mentorship, volunteering, and advocacy. For example, some of our Davis UWC Scholars are members of the Brandeis Waltham Group, our student organization dedicated to volunteering at Brandeis and in the surrounding Waltham community. Several scholars are also involved in peer mentor programs, tutors, and undergraduate research opportunities with faculty at Brandeis to further education and academic excellence. 

"Several of our Davis UWC Scholars are also members of Brandeis University's esteemed Wien International Scholarship Program—scholars who are among our most talented students on campus, and who have remarkable leadership potential... When students, staff, and faculty have a chance to sit down and talk to a Davis UWC Scholar, they learn about someone who sees the world through a unique lens. They have deeply considered their place in the world and routinely challenge the perspectives of their fellow students along the way. Brandeis University is pleased to continue as a partner institution with the Davis UWC Scholars, as their impact and involvement on campus are invaluable to the institution.” - Ronald D. Liebowitz, President

Brown University

“Students arrive at Brown prepared to collaborate with their peers as they navigate their personal academic journeys. The success of those journeys is aided by the relationships built on campus between students, always with an aim toward innovation and service to others. Davis United World Scholars, with their unique lived experiences and exceptional academic integrity, enhance the Brown University education. They partner with others on campus and, together, depart Brown prepared to enhance their respective communities.” - Christina H. Paxson, President

Carleton College

“Carleton benefits enormously from the presence and perspective of our 30 Davis UWC Scholars. They not only come from a wide range of countries and backgrounds, their rich experience as students at UWC schools prior to entering college makes them wonderful ambassadors for international education and understanding. We are so grateful to the Davis Foundation for identifying and supporting these extraordinary students.” - Alison R. Byerly, President

Case Western Reserve University

“Case Western Reserve's entire campus benefits from our partnership with the Davis United World College Scholars program. These young people bring unique global perspectives, exceptional academic preparation, and a deep appreciation for inclusive excellence. Their commitment to engaging broadly enriches the experiences of all of our students, enhancing their understanding of other cultures and the common humanity we all share.” - Eric W. Kaler, President

Colby College

“Colby's partnership with the Davis UWC Scholars Program is fundamental to our ability to ensure that the most talented students from around the world have access to this remarkable undergraduate education. Davis UWC Scholars are truly exceptional, and they give as much to Colby as they gain from being here. Discussions are richer and analysis is deeper because of the breadth of their perspectives and experiences. The Davis family's vision and generosity make it possible for Colby to educate future leaders who will go on to make important contributions throughout their lives, and we could not be more grateful.” - David A. Greene, President

The College of Idaho

“We are honored to be a partner with such an impactful program as the Davis UWC Scholars Program. The students that come to The College of Idaho through this program bring an incredibly rich academic foundation, but maybe more importantly, they bring a diverse worldview combined with an ability to appreciate the value of dialog and the importance of finding common ground. It is amazing for us to have 81 different countries represented on our campus in Idaho, and we find more and more domestic students are choosing to attend The College of Idaho because of our partnership with the Davis UWC Scholars Program.” - Doug Brigham, Co-president

College of the Atlantic

“College of the Atlantic believes that experience is a cornerstone of education. The entire COA community—students, staff, and faculty—learn through personal experience and through the experiences of others, both inside and outside the walls of academia. In that kind of learning environment, diversity of student experience isn't just a nice to have, it is absolutely core to the mission and vision of the college.  The Davis UWC Scholars Program is a primary engine of diversity of experience, and is therefore core to who we are at College of the Atlantic.” - Darron Collins, President

Colorado College

“As I enter my second year as president of Colorado College, I am continually in awe of the students who choose to come to CC, their commitment to academics, to the campus, and to each other, as well as the active roles that they play on campus. I was drawn to Colorado College because it has always been bold, courageous, and committed. And the world today needs CC students and grads, including our Davis UWC Scholar students, to help create a more just world. Davis UWC Scholars are an important part of our student body. They seek out leadership roles, such as being International Student Orientation mentors for the new international students who arrived in the fall, to help ease their transition to campus.” - L. Song Richardson, President

Earlham College

“Earlham College is thrilled to have over 93 Davis United World College graduates enrolled this academic year... I have been struck by how well-prepared for Earlham, known for its challenging teaching, the Davis UWC Scholars are, and how wholeheartedly they engage in and contribute to the Earlham community, as students and as alumni. It is not possible for me to describe what an important and valued part of the Earlham College community our Davis UWC Scholars are.

“Earlham is committed to intentionally creating space for students to explore, discover, engage, discern, and create, with the purpose of creating leaders for the future. Davis UWC Scholars arrive ready to fully step into these opportunities, always adding their own special creativity and energy... The Earlham campus and Richmond and Wayne County communities are enriched by the contributions of our Davis UWC Scholars. Their involvement in performing arts, athletics, clubs, leadership positions, research opportunities, and national and global issues contributes to the vibrancy and overall quality of the Earlham educational experience for all our students; and for that we are extremely grateful.” - Anne M. Houtman, President

Harvey Mudd College

“I am delighted to express my gratitude to the Davis UWC Scholars Program for its institutional partnership and the generous support provided to UWC graduates who come to Harvey Mudd College for their undergraduate education. The diverse young people we educate today will be tomorrow’s science and technology leaders in countries around the world. Their discoveries and new ideas will advance the frontiers of knowledge and create a brighter future for us all. The support from the Davis UWC Scholars Program is important for all we seek to accomplish in the classroom and laboratory to prepare students to reach their potential in a globalized world. We are proud to be part of the distinguished group of partner institutions. The Davis UWC Scholars Program is a treasure, and its influence is felt far and wide.” - Maria Klawe, President

Lake Forest College

“Lake Forest College's Davis UWC Scholars continue to elevate our entire campus community. This impressive cohort challenges us to evolve and improve, something we are glad to do as a student-centered institution. We are proud to have over 200 Davis UWC Scholars currently enrolled, and are heartened by each and every Scholar's choice to select Lake Forest as their university home.” - Jill Baren, President

Macalester College

“The Davis UWC Scholars Program has created a uniquely transformative pipeline of future leaders, preparing young people to make real and lasting change as global citizens. Davis UWC Scholars in the Macalester College community bring this spirit of transformation to their classes, their extra-curricular activities, their friendships, and their families. I am grateful for our partnership with the Davis UWC Scholars Program—not only because our Davis UWC Scholars make Macalester College better, but also because they will use what they learn here to create a more just and peaceful world.”

Methodist University

“Methodist University advances purposefully with a strong commitment toward the internationalization of our campus in our second decade as a Davis United World College Scholars institution... Davis UWC Scholars at MU enhance our educational programs by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and hope for a better future. MU counts on these future leaders to continue sharing their determined spirit and encouraging the growth of interest in courses related to social justice, international studies, law, education, and the environment. They have fostered student interest in working toward a more peaceful world and have taught all of us something about overcoming cultural and ethnic barriers. In addition, Davis UWC Scholars continue to be some of our very best students at Methodist University. Their graduation rate, as a group, is the highest of any group at the university. Their presence enhances the learning experience, inside the classroom and out, for everyone. Davis UWC students further global understanding at MU!” - Stanley Wearden, President

Middlebury College

“Every student at Middlebury enriches our community with their life experience and perspective, but our Davis United World College Scholars offer something extra: a direct understanding of the power that students from different backgrounds can bring to any cause. Davis UWC students arrive on campus with a desire and motivation to make the world a better place, and they inspire all of us to share in their commitment. We are grateful to our Davis UWC Scholars for all they contribute in their time at Middlebury and proud of all they accomplish in the world as Middlebury alumni. They are part of the soul of Middlebury, and we treasure them.” - Laurie L. Patton, President

Pomona College

“Davis UWC Scholars bring to their studies an independence of mind and spirit that makes them stand out. They are comfortable with difference, open to change, ready to grasp opportunities, and they are entrepreneurial in their approach to making change happen. They think globally and bring their open-minded outlook to the classroom and residence hall, sparking reflection in their peers and highlighting the possibility that things do not have to be only one way—the world could be otherwise. This is the kind of divergent—perhaps even disruptive—thinking that engenders change, and if we are to counter the challenges of the future, we need our youth to think more disruptively... Davis UWC Scholars are an enrichment to our classrooms and campus community, and we greatly appreciate the Davis Foundation’s support for Davis UWC Scholars at Pomona College.” - G. Gabrielle Starr, President

Skidmore College

“As we launch our 15th year of hosting Davis United World College Scholars Program students, we continue to celebrate their significant contributions to our community. Fourteen new Scholars joined our ranks this fall, and they are already making their presence felt...Meanwhile, our senior Scholars continue to be leaders across campus—in the International Student Union, in the Student Government Association, and in other areas—and to distinguish themselves intellectually and socially...As ever, our partnership with the Davis UWC Scholars Program brings such productive and positive student energy to our campus...As Skidmore continues to cultivate a global-minded young citizenry eager to creatively embrace the challenges and opportunities of our interconnected world, we remain committed to the Davis United World College Scholars Program as a cornerstone of our commitment to undergraduate international education.” - Marc C. Conner, President

University of Oklahoma

“At the University of Oklahoma, all we do is driven by our fundamental purpose — we change lives — three small but powerful words intrinsic to who we are and what we aim to be. The more time I spend with our Davis UWC Scholars, the more I have a profound sense of their passion for the same. Their focus on the greater good and the benefit of others is remarkable. The Davis UWC Scholars Program brings to OU students who are already well on their way to a life of meaning and impact, yet we are delighted to help develop this in them even further. I cannot overstate our gratefulness for Shelby Davis’s and Phil Geier’s vision to invest in the future through these immensely talented and idealistic students. Their positive impact is felt far and wide at our university.” - Joseph Harroz Jr., President

University of Pennsylvania

“The University of Pennsylvania is privileged to once again partner with the Davis UWC Scholars Program for the current academic year. This program continues to have a transformative impact at Penn, providing exceptional international students with boundless opportunities to be active and engaged global citizens. Furthermore, the unique personal stories and traditions that they share with our community do much to enhance the cultural vibrancy of our entire campus.

"Penn takes great pride in being a diverse and inclusive institution, one where the different perspectives of our students help to contribute to their holistic development. Our partnership with the program goes a long way to ensure that we can uphold this principle and promote an essential intercultural exchange of ideas. As Penn’s Davis UWC Scholars pursue their ambitions—both inside and away from the classroom—our university remains fortunate to be a second home for so many students from around the world.” - M. Elizabeth Magill, President

Wellesley College

“At Wellesley, we strive to prepare students to be global citizens who will make a difference in the world, which is why we remain a committed partner to the Davis United World College Scholars Program. This program, dedicated to serving as an engine for intercultural exchange, helps future leaders develop not only a multicultural perspective, but the skills required to connect with those with different backgrounds, talents, and experiences.

Davis UWC Scholars have been making their mark on Wellesley for more than 20 years. They enrich our community in so many ways, and bring their multitude of talents and perspectives to their work as student scholars. We are grateful for their many contributions to Wellesley, and know that they will bring what they have learned at the college into the world, to drive positive change in whatever career they chose.” - Paula A. Johnson, President

Whitman College

“Whitman College is extremely fortunate to have welcomed a record number of Davis UWC Scholars in recent years. These students add such an important and dynamic global perspective to our campus community. Each and every Davis UWC Scholar I have had the pleasure of meeting has been incredibly impressive—these are remarkably charismatic, accomplished students with bright futures ahead of them. At a time of rapid technological, societal, environmental, and economic change, the best way to address these international challenges is through the kind of collaboration and connection at which Davis UWC Scholars consistently excel.” - Sarah Bolton, President

Yale University

“The goals of the Davis United World College Scholars Program—to prepare and educate leaders from around the world, promote cross-cultural understanding, and provide opportunities for international engagement—have never been more vital. To address global challenges like the climate crisis, armed conflicts, polarization, and resource scarcity, we need future leaders who hold international worldviews as foundational components of their lived experiences. With their unique perspectives, leadership skills, and dedication to serve, Davis UWC Scholars enrich the educational experience for all Yale students. I am grateful to the Davis United World Scholars Program for supporting these exceptional members of our campus community who contribute so much to make Yale University a place of multicultural identity, inclusion, and acceptance.” - Peter Salovey, President