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Davis United World College Scholars


Comments from Our Partner Institutions

Amherst College

"Amherst's motto, Terras Irradient (Let them give light to the world), has taken on new meaning in recent years as our student body has begun more fully to reflect the talent that exists in every part of our society and across the world. We interpret the motto to mean that our students, graduates, and faculty should be sources of light who also see the light in others. Amherst values academic freedom, intellectual quality, openness, and respect. Our Davis UWC Scholars represent these qualities and their presence on campus makes the Amherst community stronger." - President Biddy Martin

Bates College

"The Davis United World College Scholars who come to Bates become leaders across our campus and throughout our wider community. They bring a vital breadth of perspective that enriches the educational experience of all of our students. We are proud to be part of the Davis United World College Scholars Program." - President Clayton Spencer

Bennington College

"As young people around the globe seek to tackle the most consequential challenges of our time--namely climate change, the rise of authoritarianism, and decades-long wars--it is critically important that they have the proficiency to collaborate with peers across geographic and cultural borders. At Bennington College, the convergence of varied experiences and perspectives has always been central to our trailblazing approach to the liberal arts, but it has perhaps never been more necessary than it is today. The UWC Scholars Program is an invaluable partner in our efforts to graduate future problem-solvers, bridge-builders, and peacemakers. It enables Bennington to be a place of rigorous debate and collaboration on issues of global importance, a place where students can come together to recognize humanity across differences and the intellectual potential in our divergent experiences." - Dr. Isabel Roche, Interim President

Bucknell University

"Davis United World College Scholars contribute to Bucknell and our institution's mission in many ways. These individuals are among our most engaged and motivated students, and they offer diverse perspectives that enrich our community's understanding of global society. Through meaningful work and a real commitment to a better world through cross-cultural engagement, Davis Scholars make lasting and positive differences on campus and beyond. Their passion, leadership and service raises our own aspirations, and the friendships they make with their classmates build the foundation for truly global citizenship. Bucknell is deeply grateful to the Davis family's generous support of this transformative program." - President John Bravman

Colorado College

"Colorado College's Davis UWC Scholars continue to amaze me as their impact on our campus grows every year. The 2019/20 cohort of Davis UWC Scholars is the largest yet with 19 incoming students who will leave their imprint on CC and those who interact with them. The Davis UWC Scholars are a vital part of our community and often take on leadership roles, as they eagerly pave their paths in this interconnected world. As President, I take pride in these scholars, and I am so grateful to have the Davis UWC program at CC." - President Jill Tiefenthaler

Davidson College

"Davidson College is reimagining the liberal arts experience to cultivate in students the skills to address the world's most urgent issues and the courage to navigate the unfamiliar. To do so, the college offers talented students from all backgrounds unsurpassed preparation for a meaningful life of leadership and impact in today's interconnected and rapidly changing world. Intellectual discovery is best undertaken within a broadly diverse community, among people with different perspectives and experiences who bring a wide range of questions to the knowledge enterprise. Davidson celebrates difference while building a community united by talent and curiosity. That experience shapes in students the qualities desperately needed for global citizenship: intellectual curiosity, unquestioned integrity and fundamental decency. Davis UWC Scholars, with the gifts, worldview and life experience they bring, play a critical role in Davidson's ability to live out our mission. We are deeply grateful." - President Carol E. Quillen

Franklin & Marshall College

"F&M is proud to partner with the Davis UWC Scholars Program as we seek to internationalize our learning community and develop responsible global citizens. Diversity is a necessary factor in developing analytical thinking, problem-solving tools, teamwork, and creativity. Therefore, F&M seeks to attract the brightest, most motivated students from every corner of the country and around the world. We value the unique perspectives of our Davis UWC Scholars. These exceptional students play an integral role in encouraging intercultural dialogue and creating connections to the rapidly changing global world." President, Barbara K. Altmann

Johns Hopkins University

"The Johns Hopkins community is enriched by the Davis UWC Scholars whom we so proudly welcome to campus each year. Their global perspectives, artful innovation, and commitment to civic engagement strengthen our community and the world beyond. They represent the very best of our institution and we are proud to have them as contributors to our work." - President Ronald J. Daniels

Lake Forest College

"A range of international challenges—from trade to refugees to war—continues to affect and trouble our world.  None of these challenges are simple, and the resolution of any of them will require cross-cultural knowledge, understanding, and good will.  No organization addresses this need more intentionally and completely than the Davis Scholarship Program. The United World College students that the Program supports at Lake Forest College inspire and educate our entire campus.  As we work to build and sustain a true international community on our campus, they are making enormous contributions to it. Our goal is for our campus community to serve as a model for the many different communities our students will enter after graduation. Thanks to our UWC students, I feel optimistic about our possibilities." - President Stephen D. Schutt

Lewis & Clark College

"The presence of Davis UWC scholars in classrooms, in student organizations, on athletic teams brings a valuable perspective to those they meet, and truly internationalizes Lewis & Clark.  We are profoundly grateful for the presence of these remarkable students in our community. - President Wim Wiewel

Macalester College

"The relationship with the United World Colleges is one of the most precious things we have at Macalester. UWC Scholars come here having already learned to be independent and encouraged to think of the world as an interconnected place. This idea, that we are all connected as citizens of the world, is a terrific thing, and it makes Macalester and the communities our Scholars move into better for their presence. We are thankful that our Scholars chose to come to Macalester and are proud to know them for the time they are here, and often beyond." - President Brian C. Rosenberg


"We have long held that diverse campus community raises new generations of global citizens-the kind of open-minded and well-rounded thinkers and innovators we urgently need to build a better world. MIT's UWC scholars come from every corner of the globe and are essential to our efforts to expose our students to a variety of viewpoints, backgrounds, and approaches to problem­ solving. Inside and outside the classroom, UWC scholars lead and contribute, and create a richer student life and learning experience at MIT." - Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart, Ph.D.

Methodist University

"Methodist University advances purposefully with a strong commitment toward the internationalization of our campus in our second decade as a Davis United World College Scholars institution. Davis UWC students have made our International Programs flourish and have become a keystone in our advancement toward national recognition as an institution of higher learning. Davis UWC students at MU enhance our educational programs by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and hope for a better future. MU counts on these future leaders to continue sharing their determined spirit and encouraging the growth of interest in courses related to social justice, international studies, law, education and the environment as they have during these past 13 years. They have fostered student interest in working toward a more peaceful world and have taught all of us something about overcoming cultural and ethnic barriers. Davis UWC students further global understanding at MU!" - President Stanley T. Wearden, Ph.D.

Mount Holyoke College

"Global excellence is one of the pillars of a Mount Holyoke College education. With the second-highest proportion of international students of any liberal arts college in the United States, we thrive on fostering an inclusive conversation on our campus around equity, diversity and difference. Our UWC Scholars add immeasurably to this dialogue. They come from underrepresented countries and arrive with deep appreciation for social justice. In turn, we help them carve out a path to leadership and influence that will make a difference. The world has never needed it, or them, more than now." - President Sonya Stephens

Northwestern University

"Northwestern strives to be a place where students develop a global perspective and a deep appreciation of diversity in all its forms. Because that same ethos guides United World Colleges, Davis UWC Scholars have been perfect matches for our Northwestern community and have been instrumental in helping us build a distinctive, inclusive campus culture. The Scholars I meet are always dedicated to making the world a better place, and I'm eager to see the contributions this new cohort of Scholars will make toward that end." - President Morton Schapiro

Ringling College of Art + Design

"The fabric of our creative community is enhanced by the diverse experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, histories, and talents of our Davis United World College (UWC) Scholars. Core to our mission is preparing students to be discerning visual thinkers and ethical practitioners in their chosen areas of art and design. Ringling College of Art and Design's participation in the Davis UWC Scholars Program aligns with that mission by helping to foster a multicultural conversation across our student body that breaks down boundaries and expands respect and understanding. Ringling College remains honored and proud to be affiliated with the Davis UWC Scholars Program, and looks forward to getting to learn from each year's incredible class of scholars." - Dr. Larry Thompson, President

Skidmore College

"The Davis United World College Scholars Program serves as a beacon of light to everyone committed to international education and global leadership. Through this highly successful program, the founders' vision of international understanding and transformational philanthropy translates into practical advances in peace and global understanding across the world. Here at Skidmore College, the program has served as a cornerstone of our advances in undergraduate international education and, as a vital component of that goal, to bring highly qualified international students to the College. We are tremendously grateful for the vision, generosity, and commitment of the program's founders. - Dr. Philip A. Glotzbach, President 

St. Lawrence University

"At our 2019 Commencement Ceremony, I had the honor of presenting St. Lawrence's inaugural Jeffrey Boyd '78 Prize to graduating senior and Davis UWC Scholar Tuma A. Koontse. The prize recognizes in the student recipient those qualities that distinguished the award's namesake: humble effectiveness, focused purpose, and inspired creativity. I see these characteristics embodied in many of our Davis UWC Scholars, who are motivated by their UWC values, broad intercultural experience, and deep intellectual curiosity to strive not only for academic excellence, but also to be agents for positive change on campus and in the world." - President William L. Fox

University of Richmond

"I have been engaged with the Davis UWC Scholars Program since 2004, and I have always been deeply impressed with the talented young scholars this program attracts. At Richmond we have seen, time and again, how these students not only bring a global perspective to our classrooms, enriching our learning community, but also how they live their commitment to making the world a better place each and every day. Whether it is on campus or in the community or beyond, Davis UWC Scholars are true global leaders committed to harnessing the power of diversity to build true understanding across ideological and cultural boundaries. We are proud to count these exceptional leaders as members of our community, and grateful for everything they do to help us all become better global citizens."  –Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher, President

University of Virginia

"Just like the brain builds connections across neurons as it develops and grows, a community is only as strong as the diverse connections within it. By building bridges with their fellow students, with faculty and staff, and with the broader UVA community, our Davis UWC Scholars not only strengthen our community but they also learn and grow as future global leaders. I'm grateful that the University is a partner in the Davis UWC Scholars Program, and I'm glad to see our cohort of scholars continue to grow." - President Jim Ryan