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Davis United World College Scholars


Comments from Our Partner Institutions

Agnes Scott College 
“The Davis UWC Scholars at Agnes Scott College embody what we had hoped would come of our partnership and complementary missions. They are scholars who contribute intellect, artful innovation, and compassionate leadership on campus, in the greater community, and to our global society.” -LEOCADIA I. ZAK, PRESIDENT 

Bennington College
“A rigorous liberal-arts education allows us to understand the world in all its dimensions — which means learning from and with people whose experiences of that world are often vastly different from our own, and span languages, cultures, and geographies. As our world becomes more and more connected, and as the distances between nations and peoples seem to shrink, it is ever more important that we create sites for learning that reflect our new global age. The Davis UWC Scholars Program allows Bennington College to be one of those sites — a space where debate and collaboration can happen in ways that prepare students, wherever they are from, for a future in which a sort of global fluency will be necessary to ensure their success.” -MARIKO SILVER, PRESIDENT 

Brown University 
“Brown’s partnership with the Davis United World College Scholars Program is a natural extension of the university’s mission to prepare the absolute brightest students for leadership as truly global citizens. When we welcome Davis UWC Scholars to College Hill, our learning environment is energized and suffused with diverse perspectives and dialogue. As a result, everyone benefits, from our students and faculty to the community organizations we engage with throughout Providence and Rhode Island. We are honored to continue building bridges across both physical and cultural boundaries through this collaboration, and we are proud of the legacy of achievement and service that these scholars are forging beyond Brown’s gates.” -CHRISTINA H. PAXSON, PRESIDENT 

Bucknell University
“It is impossible to enumerate the many ways in which our Davis United World College Scholars contribute to Bucknell and our institution’s mission. These individuals are among our most engaged and motivated students, and they offer diverse perspectives that enrich our community’s understanding of global society. I am inspired by their aspirations to make meaningful positive differences in our community and beyond. Bucknell is deeply grateful to the Davis family’s generous support of this program, which quite literally changes the lives of these young people and the countless others who benefit from their passion, leadership and service.” -JOHN BRAVMAN, PRESIDENT 

Case Western Reserve University
“The United World Colleges enroll an extraordinarily diverse group of international students who not only excel academically, but also experience environments committed to inclusion, intercultural understanding, compassion, service, and more. As a result, they come to universities with the knowledge and skills to have a positive and meaningful impact on every campus. Case Western Reserve University is honored to be a partner institution of the Davis United World College Scholars Program.” -BARBARA SNYDER, PRESIDENT 

Clark University
“Partnering with the Davis United World College Scholars Program has allowed us at Clark University to put our motto, ‘Challenge Convention. Change Our World,’ into action. These students bring diverse life experiences and a wide range of skills to campus, interacting with faculty, staff, alumni, and other students to create a dynamic learning environment for everyone.” -DAVID P. ANGEL, PRESIDENT 

Colby College
“Colby is grateful to have been one of five pilot institutions with the Davis UWC Scholars Program, and for the Davis family’s enduring commitment to bringing exceptional students from around the globe to our campus. These students deeply enhance the classroom and residential experience at Colby, and their contributions extend well beyond campus through their research, internships, and international projects while they are here, and in communities all around the world once they graduate.” -DAVID A. GREENE, PRESIDENT 

The College of Idaho
“We are thrilled that the College of Idaho continues its strong relationship with the Davis UWC Scholars Program. This year, we were honored to welcome a record 55 Davis UWC Scholars to the college, adding to more than 50 returning Davis students already on campus. In just one month, we have already felt their impact on campus through our first-year student overnight retreat in McCall, a recent city council meeting where first-year student Omotayo Akingba spoke in front of Caldwell city leaders, and most recently, at our inauguration ceremony, where over 10 first-year students performed dances from their home countries. We appreciate everything the Davis UWC Scholars Program represents, and are pleased to support the Davis UWC Scholars who choose the College of Idaho for their educational experience.” -DOUG BRIGHAM AND JIM EVERETT, CO-PRESIDENTS 

Earlham College
“Earlham College, through the generosity of the Davis United World College Scholars Program, has been a home to many recent United World College graduates over the past decades. The Earlham, Richmond, and external communities are enriched by the contributions that Davis UWC Scholars make to society. Their involvement in athletics, clubs, leadership positions, research opportunities, and national and global issues contributes to the vibrancy and overall quality of the Earlham educational experience; and for that we are extremely grateful. Many of our community practices, including our campus convocations that are held throughout the semester, are quite similar to the traditions Davis UWC Scholars have experienced during their time at a UWC campus. Davis UWC Scholars enrich the Earlham community and, in return, Earlham College offers a variety of opportunities to our Davis UWC Scholars. Our faculty, staff, and students embrace and value this unique learning opportunity.” -AVIS STEWART, PRESIDENT 

Lake Forest College
“As the 2018-19 academic year begins, international tensions seem higher than ever. There has never been greater need, as a result, for the globe-spanning friendships and multicultural understanding that the Davis UWC Scholarship Program produces. The United World College students at Lake Forest College inspire our entire campus — students, faculty and staff — as we seek to gain that understanding. We aspire to form and sustain a genuine international community that can serve as a model for the many different communities our students will enter after graduation, and we benefit every day from the examples that our UWC students provide.” -STEPHEN SCHUTT, PRESIDENT 

Macalester College
“The mission of the United World Colleges, one that celebrates diversity in education and the courage to change the world, is central to its community. The same holds true at Macalester College. We often hear from the Davis UWC Scholars that they come to Macalester, in part, because of their drive to live a mission central to their aspirations for their future careers and their impact on the world. We are fortunate to have so many of these students among our ranks. Their dedication and self-determination is contagious and benefits us all.” -BRIAN C. ROSENBERG, PRESIDENT 

Middlebury College
“This marks our 19th year of having Davis UWC Scholars on campus, and I cannot imagine what Middlebury would be like without them. They bring wonder and a worldly wisdom to our community, and are always willing to share their experiences with others. Through their diverse academic achievements, leadership in student government and organizations, and in the thoughtfulness and compassion they exhibit as volunteers on campus and beyond, Davis UWC Scholars model 21st-century citizenship. It is a pleasure to know these inspired young people.” -LAURIE L. PATTON, PRESIDENT 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“We have long held that a diverse campus community raises new generations of global citizens — the kind of open-minded and well-rounded thinkers and innovators we urgently need to build a better world. MIT’s Davis UWC Scholars come from every corner of the globe and are essential to our efforts to expose our students to a variety of viewpoints, backgrounds, and approaches to problem solving. Inside and outside the classroom, Davis UWC Scholars lead and contribute, and create a richer student life and learning experience at MIT.” -CYNTHIA BARNHART, CHANCELLOR 

Mount Holyoke College
“Mount Holyoke remains energetically committed to our institutions’ shared missions, as global communities modeling an educational experience that contributes to successful citizenship in an ever closer and more intertwined world. Davis UWC Scholars are a valued part of our community, making unique and important scholarly, cultural, and social contributions that enrich us all. They exemplify the ideal of global citizenship that is so central to our task.” -SONYA STEPHENS, PRESIDENT 

Princeton University
“The Davis United World College Scholars Program expands students’ understanding of different cultures and countries by creating opportunities for them to live and learn with peers from around the world. We are deeply grateful that Shelby Davis, who celebrated his 60th reunion as a Princeton alumnus in 2018, chose his alma mater as one of the pilot schools from which he launched this extraordinary enterprise. Since then, hundreds of Davis UWC Scholars have enriched our campus by sharing their experiences, exchanging ideas with their classmates, and broadening the perspectives of all Princetonians. Thanks to Shelby Davis and his tremendous commitment to crosscultural understanding, students are better prepared to serve as leaders in their communities, their countries, and the world.” -CHRISTOPHER L. EISGRUBER ’83, PRESIDENT 

Ringling College of Art + Design
“All of us at Ringling College of Art + Design are incredibly proud and delighted to be part of the Davis UWC Scholars Program. The tremendous energy and exemplary qualities the UWC students provide to our campus are of utmost value to our entire institution and community. Indeed, this unique group of students continuously helps raise the bar for all student performance on campus. A premier part of Ringling College’s mission is to foster globally aware citizens who become the creative leaders of tomorrow, and our participation in this progressive program helps us to attain and achieve this goal at a higher level.” -LARRY THOMPSON, PRESIDENT 

Skidmore College
“Since its inception, the Davis United World College Scholars Program has accomplished tremendous good across the world by transforming the lives of thousands of young people. Skidmore’s Davis UWC Scholars have enriched the college by bringing their unique experiences and individual perspectives to our community. In doing so, they have helped us advance a major strategic goal: fostering a global perspective for all our students. We are enormously grateful for their presence and for the support of the Davis Foundation.” -PHILIP A. GLOTZBACH, PRESIDENT 

St. Lawrence University
“The 2018 UWC Day theme of ‘Inspire Change’ captures the powerful impact that the Davis UWC Scholars have on our campus community at St. Lawrence. Whether in the classroom, a study-abroad program, a conference presentation, or a student event, the scholars challenge us to dig deeper for understanding, to view the world through a multitude of perspectives, and above all else, to celebrate richness of diversity and our common humanity. In teaching, learning, and living, they inspire change for the better.” -WILLIAM L. FOX, PRESIDENT 

University of Oklahoma
“The Davis UWC Scholars at the University of Oklahoma are true champions of values that result in the strengthening of our university community and the world beyond. Thank you for your investment in these trailblazers and change makers who are carrying out the vision of the Davis Program at OU. We fully embrace this program due to its enormous impact.” -JAMES L. GALLOGLY, PRESIDENT 

University of Richmond
“Our University of Richmond community is enriched by the extraordinary Davis UWC Scholars we welcome to campus each year. These global citizens encourage their classmates to view the familiar with new powers of inquiry, and to embrace cultures and perspectives that differ from their own. We celebrate with pride, as well, our many campus scholars who have earned Projects for Peace grants, including 2018 recipient Mike Kitimet, who is using his grant to establish the first library in his hometown of Kiserian, Kenya. The library will provide 600 elementary and middle-school students with increased access to books and other learning materials, which Mike believes ‘will build their capacity to be a positive force for equality of opportunity, personal development and economic advancement, which are all factors that are preconditions for peace.’” -RONALD A. CRUTCHER, PRESIDENT 

Wartburg College
“Having long welcomed and served Davis UWC Scholars here at Wartburg, I have always been impressed by their commitment to civic engagement on both a local and a global scale. When I visited a UWC for the first time last year, I understood more fully how the UWC movement inspires and equips these young people to make the impact that they do. What a benefit they are for our campus and, after graduation, for the many communities that they join and strengthen!” -DARREL D. COLSON, PRESIDENT 

Wellesley College
“Wellesley College is proud to be one of the first five institutions to partner with the Davis United World College Scholars Program. Since 2000, Davis UWC Scholars have arrived on campus with diverse talents, experiences, and ideas that enrich our classroom learning and community dialogue. They bring to Wellesley a unique and valuable perspective and leave with the education and skills they will need to shape a better world.” -PAULA A. JOHNSON, PRESIDENT