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Davis United World College Scholars


Pilot Schools Reflect on 20 Years

Princeton University

In the fall of 2000, as one of five pilot schools, Princeton admitted its first cohort of Davis UWC Scholars. Now, 20 years later, we look back with renewed pride and gratitude to have been part of the beginning of a movement to internationalize American college campuses, a movement led by Shelby M.C. Davis ’58 and Phil Geier.

Princeton’s 305 Princetonian Davis UWC Scholars — from the Class of 2004 to the Class of 2023 — hail from 75 countries. They have achieved virtually every success and honor that can be bestowed on our undergraduates. From Rhodes scholar to valedictorian, the group has had a remarkable record of academic performance and support that allows them to graduate with the freedom to pursue their highest aspirations in life.

Princeton’s Davis UWC Scholars have also brought their global perspectives to our classrooms and dormitories. They have made noteworthy contributions to our campus community through their leadership across a broad range of activities. And they have been exemplary models of the service ethos that reflects their Davis UWC and Princeton roots.

“Davis UWC Scholars have enriched our campus with their thirst for knowledge and their deep commitment to promoting intercultural understanding. Shelby M.C. Davis ’58 believes in the power of young people to build global community, and we at Princeton are proud to be working with him to make this vision a reality.” — Princeton’s 20th President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83