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Davis United World College Scholars


Philanthropists’ Honor Roll

The Davis UWC Scholars Program combines the transformational philanthropy of the Davis family with donations from many others to our partner colleges and universities. Given this financial partnership, we are pleased to recognize their generous support for today’s scholars and tomorrow’s leaders. Each partner school was invited to submit the names of those they would like listed in this report along with the Davises.
This effort at donor recognition only scratches the surface of the many who give to their alma maters in support of the financial aid awarded to our scholars. We are grateful to those who are contributing to their schools in this way and look forward to continuing growth of this honor roll in the years ahead.

This recognition is arranged by partner school with the information they provided. It captures the growing number of philanthropists captivated by the value of supporting our scholars — and theirs — by investing at their chosen college or university. Some have given to annual funds, indicating their interest in the Davis UWC Scholars Program. Others have given larger amounts ($10,000 or more) toward their alma mater’s portion of a scholar’s total financialaid package and have been assigned scholars, sharing naming opportunities with the Davises. A few have given major endowments in support of international scholarships assigned to Davis UWC Scholars and share naming opportunities with the Davises each year.

At the heart of the Davis UWC Scholars Program is “giving back,” a trait we strive to see manifested over time in our scholars as they make their way in the world.

Amherst College

The J. Blair and Tena Frank Scholarship Fund for International Students
The Mouhot Family Scholarship Fund
Aliki Perroti, Ulric Haynes 1952, and Seth Frank1955 Scholarship in International Relations Fund

Bard College

Bettina Baruch Foundation
Andrew Gagarin Trust
Institute for International Liberal Education(IILE)
Kellner Family Foundation
Open Society University Network (OSUN)

Bates College Karen Harris ’74, P ’07 and Robert L. Gips P’07 Scholarship Fund
Dean James L. Reese Scholarship Fund
Tanaka Memorial Foundation Scholarship
Jou S. and Mabel Tchao Scholarship
Brandeis University Brandeis Emergency Fund
Brandeis International Business SchoolScholars
Diepold Family Endowed Scholarship
Sylvia Hassenfeld Endowed Scholarship
Heller School for Social Policy & Management -Sustainable International Development (SID)Program
Malkin Israeli Endowed Scholarship
Our Generation Speaks
Peter Petri Global Fellowship
Richard and Barbara Silverman Endowed Scholarship for Israeli Students
Sylvia and Joseph Slifka Israeli CoexistenceS cholarship
Celia and Joseph Stein Endowed ScholarshipT
he Toshizo Watanabe ’73 International Scholarship Program
Wien International Scholarship Program
Brown University

Class of 1961 Scholarship

Alomran Family International Scholarship

Anonymous International Scholarship Fund

Brown International Organization Scholarship

Christopher Chan P’20 and Michelle Ma P’20

Chancellor’s Scholarship

Ronald J. Chao Memorial Fund

Chey Family International Scholarship

Chiaphua Engineering Scholarship

Jan P. Davis ’83 and Charles M. Davis ’82


Oliver du Pont 1992 BIYAC Scholarship

Arnold Haarmann P’90, P’96 Scholarship

Herrmann Family Scholarship

M. Brian Hong ’94 International Brown Annual

Fund Scholarship

Joukowsky Family International Scholarship

Kedar Family Financial Aid Fund

MEF International Scholarship

Daniel and Nancy Neff Scholarship Fund

Professor Charles H. Nichols National

Scholarship Fund

Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor Latin American Student


Andres Santo Domingo Class of 2000

International Scholarship Fund

Shoman Scholarship Fund

Bucknell University

Michael M. and Lillian Amber Fremont Scholarship

Carleton College

C.V. Starr Endowed Fund

Carleton College Kellogg Scholarships

Underbrink Fund for Global Initiatives

College of the Atlantic

Janoah Bailin ’14

Lisa Bjerke ’13

Chelsea R. Black ’12

Olivia Rodriguez Bobadilla ’09

Julia Clark ’06

Apoorv Gehlot ’09

Phil and Amy Geier

Patricia Grogan ’11

Bohlárka Ivanegová ’14

Adrian Fernandez Jauregui ’15

Nishad Jayasundara ’05

Ashlesha Khadse ’08

Ho Ching Jolie Lau ’19

Virginie Lavallee-Picard ’07

Andrew M. Louw ’11

Nafisa Mohammadi ’10

Thupten Norbu ’06

Mirza Alas Portillo ’09

Graham K. Reeder ’13

Klever Descarpontriez Rojas ’16

Volha Roshchanka ’04

Santiago Salinas ’05

Helena Shilomboleni ’09

Erickson I. Smith ’15

Henry Steinberg ’06

Nathan Thanki ’14

Nina O. Therkildsen ’05

Aster Tommasini ’18

Shamsher Virk ’07

Anna Wlodarczyk ’04

Concordia College

Solveig Swendseid ’50

Connecticut College

The Otto and Fran Walter Commons for Global

Study and Engagement

Dartmouth College

King Scholar Leadership Program

Davidson College


Earlham College

Nico Brooks ’91 and Polly Dawkins ’87

Jerry ’63 and Jannie ’65 Dusseau

Kalamazoo College

Van Dalson Scholarship Fund

Lake Forest University

William G. Brown

Paul Cheng ’58

Liam Connell

Nancy Donovan

The Grace Groner Foundation

James Hunter ’71

Nancy Lee ’75

Peter Schiff ’74

Stephen D. Schutt

Lehigh University

Hans J. Baer Endowed International Scholarship
Baker Foundation
Lee Iacocca International Internship Program

Lewis & Clark College Paget-Davis UWC Scholars Program
Luther College

Anderson Family Scholarship

H. George and Jutta F. Anderson Scholarship

Marjorie V. Barth Scholarship in Art

Frank Barth Prize in Economics, Accounting,

and Management

Karen Christine Beck Memorial Scholarship in


John G. and Mildred Breiland Endowed


Bernice Fischer Cross and Bert S. Cross

Perpetual Endowment for the Luther College

Mayo Nursing Program and Health Sciences


Dr. Herman E. Ellingson Scholarship

Malcolm and Maybelle Estrem Scholarship for

Entrepreneurial Studies

Newt and Callista Gingrich Scholarship

Engebret Nelson (Sebo) Hong Scholarship

Edward A. Kaschins Endowed Scholarship in

Economics, Accounting, or Management

Kuh Family “Positively Luther” Award

David and Julie Larson Scholarship

Anne Lee Moilien Memorial Scholarship

David Theodore Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Jana Elizabeth Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Stephen W. and Kari M. Noltner Scholarship

Nottingham Alumni Scholarship

Oscar L. Olson Memorial Scholarship

Outstanding Women in Mathematics and

Statistics Scholarship

Loyal and Marilyn Rue Study Abroad


Tom Schmidt Business Management


William G. Seabold Scholarship

William P. Sihler Memorial Scholarship

Sodexo Meal Plan Award

Ruth Steinmetz Center for Global Scholarship

Ryan Stroschein Computer Science


Judy Torgerson Study Abroad Scholarship

Wigeland/American-Scandinaviann Foundation


Macalester College

American Friends of the Middle East


Kofi Annan Scholarship

Yahya Armajani Scholarship

Jimm Crowder and Steve Colee Endowed


Edwin S. Elwell - Middle East Scholarship

Estudiar con Esperanza Scholarship

Nels & John Fahlgren Scholarship

Robert B. Gile Scholarship

Allen Moore Scholarship

Harold B. Shapira Endowed Scholarship

C.V. Starr Scholarship

James Tripp Endowed Scholarship

Marie Wunderlich Scholarship

Middlebury College

Said L. Al-Nashashibi ’05

Santana Audet ’13

Howard P. Colhoun

Gale Lansing Davis and Shelby M. Davis P’01

William G. Foulke, Jr.

Amy Y. Geier and Philip O. Geier P’06, Hon ’08

Charles G. Knox

Erika H. Lederman ’86 and John Kremer IV

’85, P’19 Scholarship Fund

Ashley F. Logan and G.Willis Logan

Sara L. Martus and Stephen D. Martus ’86, P ’19 Scholarship Fund

Linda McGillicuddy and Clement McGillicuddy

Michael D. Schoenfeld ’73 Scholarship Fund

Jane Schoenfeld and Michael Schoenfeld ’73
Tana Sterrett Scott ’65

Kashif Zafar ’92 and Sujatha Menon Zafar ’94, P’21, ’23

Northwestern University

Buffett Institute for Global Studies

Robert M. Cumnock Scholarship

Brian d’Arcy James Scholarship in Theatre and Radio/Television/Film

Alice G. Hough Scholarship

Joshua G. Nolan Estate for Scholarships in Liberal Arts

Occidental College

Carole G. Abernethy ’59 and David R. Abernethy ’59

Ann Z. Kerr-Adams ’56 H’18 Current Year Scholarship

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Contemporary Art Practices Scholarship

Jeffery Geesa Memorial Scholarship

John W. Kurtich Foundation Travel Scholarships

Skidmore College

Alumni Clubs Scholarship

Andrews Scholarship

Baxter, DeWitt & Milow Memorial Scholarship

Collyer Scholarship

Fisher Scholarship

Amy ’74 and Phil Geier

Susanne Hecht Goldstein ’58 Scholarship

Marjorie Kirk ’39 Memorial Scholarship

Haoran Ma ’12

Carolyn A. Marcus Scholarship

Megan ’08 and Doug McAdams

Megan McAdams ’08 International Community Service Internship Award

Mary McClellen Scholarship

Elizabeth Righter Plank ’24 Memorial


Rajiv and Zarine Silgardo ’18

Skidmore College Scholarship Fund

Tisch Scholarship

Mr. Yahia M. Imam ’11 and

Ms. Kelsey P. Weiss ’12

Adele Whitney Morrison ’26 Scholarship

St. John's College Anonymous
St. Lawrence University

Class of 1934 Scholarship

Alumni Executive Council Endowment for Internships and Experiential Learning Fund

Dr. O. Kenneth Bates Prize for Mathematics

Brindisi Family Internship Fellowship

Ellen Cuthbert Burt ’42 Endowment for North

Country Education

The Charbern Fund

Michael W. and Pamela Van Hoven Clark Career Planning Fund

Corolyn Susan Conkey Scholarship

Donovan Family Internship Fund

Emerson Foundation Challenge Grant for SLUPIC

Ann L. Everetts ’52 Endowed Award for International Studies

Sol Feinstone Internships

Ferguson Family University Fellows Endowment

Fostering Civil Discourse in Political Conversations

Gardner Career Awareness Endowment Fund

J. Richard Gilbert Memorial Fund

Giltz, DeLauder & McCullough International Travel Awared

Karen Caines ’93 and C. Neil ’94 Gray Fund for International Studies

Martha MacCallum Gregory ’86 and Daniel J.

Gregory P’23 Endowed Internship Fund

Eric H. Hanson ’70 Endowment for International Study

Emily Eaton Hepburn Women’s Award for Creative Leadership

Kiene/Torosian International Study Award

Eugenie Van Drooge Kissinger ’54 Endowed

Award for International Study

Jennifer W. Knowles ’89 and Robert M. Knowles P’21 Internship Fund

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Moran Family Fund

Lola D. and Bernard R. Norris Prize Award

Linda Reeves Pettit Scholarship

Nancy Pierce Endowed Award for International Studies

The Noah and Jean Plotkin Kenya Travel Fund

Ali Pomponio Research Award for International Studies

Leslie ’87 and John ’85 Reed President’s Discretionary Fund

The Betsy Cogger Rezelman International Travel Endowment Fund

Stewart’s Shops and Dake Family Internship Fellowship Fund

Daniel F. ’65 and Ann H. Sullivan Endowment for Student/Faculty Research

The Tanner Fellowship Award

The Walker Family US/Canadian Internship

Robert N. Wells Jr. Scholarship Fund

St. Olaf College

Class of 1958 Scholarship

Class of 1993 Scholarship

An Anonymous Fund

Barnes and Noble Book Scholarship

Margaret Boldt Anderson Endowed Fund

Dennis & Kathleen Brekken Scholarship

James Carroll Scholarship

Cole Scholarship

Ken & Julie Czisny Endowed Scholarship

Friends of St.Olaf International Study Abroad Endowment

Gangsei: Dr. Lyle Memorial Fund

Goeppinger Family Endowed Scholarship

Helgen Family Scholarship

Herbert & Delores Hildebrandt Asian Scholarship

Hilleren Scholarship

J. & E. Hoiness Scholarship

Hoyle Scholarship

International and Off-Campus Study Opportunity Fund

Kiester International Women Scholarship

Ronald & Rachel Mandsager Pechauer Family Fund

Janice K. & Timothy I. Maudlin Endowed Fund

Bruce and Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb Endowed Fund

Nygaard Study in Norway Scholarship

O. & M. Otterness Scholarship

G. & A. Paulsrud Scholarship

LaVern & Barbara Rippley IOS Endowment

Schelske Scholarship

Richard Stenberg Endowed Scholarship

The College of Idaho

Adopt-A-Yote Program

Dr. Dennis J. Bava Student Emergency Fund

Winston Moore Endowed Scholarship

Duane Stueckle Scholars

Trinity College

Andrew Forrester ’61 Scholarship Fund for Entrepreneurial Students

John ’76 and Weezie Gates

Kay Koweluk Orfitelli Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ronald H. Weissman Scholarship Fund

Tufts University The Oliver Chapman Fund

Jane Etish-Andrews Endowed Scholarship

The Laila Moshiri Yazdi Fund

University of Chicago Neubauer Family Foundation
University of Florida

Dr. Margaret Early's United World College Scholarship Program
Bill Kolb Memorial Fund for Davis UWC Scholarship Program Support

University of Michigan Cliff Siegel
University of Oklahoma

Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH)

The Holden Family

International Student Emergency Relief Fund

Sooners Helping Sooners

University of Richmond

Arabic Studies

Don Quijote Scholarship

French Studies

Friends of Study Abroad Scholarship Fund

German Studies Program

Global Studies Program

International Education Discretionary Fund

Italian Department

Japanese Language Program

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Discretionary Fund

Russian Studies

Joseph Edwin Trader Fund for International Students

Jean Gray Wright Scholarship

University of Rochester

Class of 1961 Reunion Scholarship Fund

Ezra A. and Josephine Booth Hale Scholarship Fund

Karl and Monica M. Geercken Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alan and Jane Handler Scholarship Fund

Eleanor Way Endowed Scholarship Fund

University of Virginia Class of 1987 Scholarship Fund
Vassar College Shirley Oakes Butler Scholarship Fund

The Martha Jarnigan Evans Scholarship Fund

Dorothy W. King Scholarship Fund

J.P. & L.T. Marangu Family Scholarship

Plapinger Family Scholarship

President’s International Advisory Council Scholarships

Sarah Tod Fitz Randolph Scholarship Fund

Yannis Pavlos Vardinoyannis Scholarship Fund

Wartburg College

Dr. Corey L. & Dr. Karla Belken

Dr. Benjamin D. & Dr. Samantha C. Larimer Bousquet

Sean T. & Jennifer Coleman

Kimberly K. Folkers

David W. & Merry L. Fredrick

Daniel C. & Kasandra L. Grosser

James J. & Ruth M Hein

Dale L. Johnson

Dr. J. Keith & Kathy L. McClung

Dr. David A. & Janet J. McCullough

Mary L. Mortensen

Peggy J. Retka

Obvious C. Svosve

Dr. Mark F. Trax & Dr. Ann Henninger

Dr. Edward A. & Jill L. Westen

Alek A Wipperman

Drs. Roland K. & Dr. Sharon A. Yoshida

Wellesley College

Harold B. Black and Barbara J. Sherlock Pacific

Rim Endowed Internship Fund

Boren Scholarship South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative

Barbara Bush Award for Volunteerism

Elisabeth Luce Moore ’24 Internships in Asia

Susan Rappaport Knafel ’52 Internship Fund

Susan Todd Horton 1910 Internship Fund

Westminster College

The Pat Kirby Endowed Scholarship

Vernon W. & Marion K. Piper Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad

Whitman College

Friendship Family Program

Kyle Martz ’07 Scholarship Fund

Williams College Phil ’70 and Amy Geier