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Davis United World College Scholars


Philanthropists’ Honor Roll

The Davis UWC Scholars Program combines the transformational philanthropy of the Davis family with donations from many others to our partner colleges and universities. Given this financial partnership, we are pleased to recognize their generous support for today’s scholars and tomorrow’s leaders. Each partner school was invited to submit the names of those they would like listed in this report along with the Davises.
This effort at donor recognition only scratches the surface of the many who give to their alma maters in support of the financial aid awarded to our scholars. We are grateful to those who are contributing to their schools in this way and look forward to continuing growth of this honor roll in the years ahead.

This recognition is arranged by partner school with the information they provided. It captures the growing number of philanthropists captivated by the value of supporting our scholars — and theirs — by investing at their chosen college or university. Some have given to annual funds, indicating their interest in the Davis UWC Scholars Program. Others have given larger amounts ($10,000 or more) toward their alma mater’s portion of a scholar’s total financialaid package and have been assigned scholars, sharing naming opportunities with the Davises. A few have given major endowments in support of international scholarships assigned to Davis UWC Scholars and share naming opportunities with the Davises each year.

At the heart of the Davis UWC Scholars Program is “giving back,” a trait we strive to see manifested over time in our scholars as they make their way in the world.

Amherst College

Christopher A. Dorrance B3 Careers in Education Professions Fund
William Heartt Reese 1931 and William Pingry Bigelow 1889 Scholarship Fund

Bates College Karen Harris ’74, P ’07 and Robert L. Gips P ’07 Scholarship Fund
Dean James L. Reese Scholarship Fund
Tanaka Memorial Foundation Scholarship
Jou S. and Mabel Tchao Scholarship
Brandeis University Diepold Family Endowed Scholarship
Susan Geller Gold '56 Scholarship for Refugee Students
Sylvia Hassenfeld Endowed Scholarship
Arthur and Belle Lind Family Endowed Student Aid Fund
Richard and Barbara Silverman Endowed Scholarship for Israeli Students
Sylvia and Joseph Slifka Israeli Coexistence Scholarship
Celia and Joseph Stein Endowed Scholarship
The Tohizo "Tom" Watanabe '73 International Scholarship Program
Wien International Scholarship Program
Brown University

Frederic M. Alper ’60, P’95 Scholarship
Anonymous International Scholarship Fund
Esther Elizabeth Brintzenhoff Scholarship
Alice '92 and Filippo Cardini BAF International Scholarship
Gladys I. Carroll 1931 Scholarship Fund
Christopher Chan P'20 and Michelle Ma P'20 Chancellor's Scholarship
Ronald J. Chao Memorial Fund
Chey Family International Scholarship
Cho Family Chancellor's Scholarship
Class of 1961 Scholarship
Class of 1987 Scholarship
Class of 1989 Scholarship
Jan P. Davis '83 and Charles M. Davis '82 Scholarship
East/West Endowed Scholarship
Ellwein Family Scholarship Fund
Perry Edson Faunce Scholarship
Mark R. Franklin '79 Scholarship Fund
Evert W. Freeman Scholarship
Ira S. and Ann Galkin Scholarship
Wladyslaw Gorski Memorial Scholarship
Arnold Haarmann P'90, P'96 Family Scholarship
Walter Hansgen Memorial Scholarship
Herrmann Family Scholarship
M. Brian Hong '94  International Brown Annual Fund Scholarship
John Hope Scholarship
Kedar Family Financial Aid Fund
Henry and Sally Leung Scholarship
McClain Family Scholarship
Sir Douglas Myers Presidential Scholarship
Daniel and Nancy Neff Scholarship Fund
Professor Charles H. Nichols National Scholarship Fund
Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor Latin American Student Scholarship
Shoman Scholarship Fund
Louise A. Shuster Scholarship Fund
Kevin T. Slattery 1976 Memorial Scholarship
Smith-Bellone Family Goldman Sachs Scholars Fund
Varun A. Thapar '07 Scholarship
Travers Family International Scholarship Fund
Wu and Sophonpanich Fund
Michelle Bernard '93 and Mustafa Zaidi '90 Endowed Scholarship

Bucknell University

Michael M. and Lillian Amber Fremont Scholarship

Carleton College

C.V. Starr Endowed Fund

George International Fellowships

Kellogg Scholarships

Underbrink Fund for Global Initiatives

College of Idaho

Bitner Vineyards

Ron and Mary Bitner

College of Idaho Campus Ministries

Adan De La Paz

Mary Fraser

Idaho Community Foundation

Winston Moore Endowed Scholarship

Martha Taylor

Eloise Van Slyke

Wells Fargo Foundation

Lane Williams

Larry and Marianne Williams Foundation

John Zamora

College of the Atlantic

Judith Blank and Steve Alsup Scholarship Fund

Lynn Boulger and Tim Garrity

Helen Caldicott Scholarship Fund

Alida Camp Scholarship Fund

Rachel Carson Scholarship Fund

Bornwyn Clement

Darron and Karen Collins

Klever Descarpontriex Rojas

Nikhit D'Sa

Bill and Wendy Foulke

Anne Franchetti Scholarship Fund

Amy and Phil Geier

Natalie Hamill and Josh Perslweig

Justine Hooper Scholarship Fund

Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Scholarship Fund

Boglarka Ivanegova

Larry Lutchmansingh Scholarship Fund

Roc and Helen McGregor Caivano Scholarship

John McKee Scholarship Fund

Phoebe and Gerrish Miliken Scholarship Fund

Ursula Ostrander Uljovi

Melita Peherda

Olivia Rodriguez Bobadilla

Charles and Katherine Savage Scholarship Fund

Joan and Dixon Stroud Scholarship Fund

Atsuko Watabe

Makiko Yoshida

Dartmouth College

King Scholar Leadership Program

Earlham College William Stephenson Annual Scholarship
Georgetown University

Pedro Arrupe S.J. Scholarship for Peace

Bridge of the Americas Endowed Scholarship

Kalamazoo College

Van Dalson Scholarship Fund

Global Leadership Scholarship

Kenyon College Doug Fleming ’70
Lake Forest University


William G. Brown

Mr. George Conner

Mr. Robert Crawford

Nancy Donovan

Grace Groner Foundation

Ms. Nancy Lee

Ms. Anita Chen Li

Mrs. James D. Vail

Lehigh University

Hans J. Baer Endowed International Scholarship
Lee Iacocca International Internship Program
Paul and Karen Levey International Scholarship

Lewis & Clark College Paget-Davis UWC Scholars Program
Luther College

Synneva Hella Anderson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

John G. and Mildred Breiland Endowed Scholarship

Bernice Fischer Cross and Bert S. Cross Perpetual Endowment for the Luther College Mayo Nursing Program and Health Sciences Program

Dalen-Miller Family Scholarship

Malcolm and Maybelle Estrem Endowed Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Studies

Olga Fischer-Proehl International Studies Scholarship

Newt and Callista Gingrich Scholarship

Lars and Niels Herrmann-Anderson Scholarship

Engebret Nelson (Sebo) Hong Scholarship

International Women Student Scholarship

Krahn Family Student Life Service Award

George and Carole Orness Study Abroad Scholarship

Hamlet E. and Thelma Peterson Scholarship

Roslien Family Scholarship in Natural History

William G. Seabold Scholarship

Sadie Simonson Memorial Art Scholarship

Sodexo Meal Plan Award

Ruth Steinmetz Center for Global Learning Scholarship

Judy Torgerson Study Abroad Scholarship

Macalester College

American Friends of the Middle East Scholarship

Kofi Annan Scholarship

Yahya Armajani Scholarship

Jimm Crowder and Steve Colee Endowed Scholarship

Edwin S. Elwell - Middle East Scholarship

Estudiar con Esperanza Scholarship

Nels & John Fahlgren Scholarship

Robert B. Gile Scholarship

Allen Moore Scholarship

Harold B. Shapira Endowed Scholarship

C.V. Starr Scholarship

James Tripp Endowed Scholarship

Marie Wunderlich Scholarship

Middlebury College

Karyn L. Zieve and Joel M. Cohen '84, P'15, '19

Gale Lansing Davis and Shelby M. Davis P'01

Rick '68 and Martie Fritz P'95, '97, '00

Amy Y. Geier and Philip O. Geier P'06, Hon '08

Charles G. Knox

Erika H. Lederman '86 and John Kremer IV '85, P'19

Harmon B. Logan and George W. Logan

Linda McGillicuddy and Clement McGillicuddy

Jane Schoenfeld and Michael Schoenfeld '73

Tana Sterrett Scott '65

P. Rattazzi Whittle and Mr. Christopher Whittle

Sujatha Menon Zafar '94 and Kashif Zafar '92, P'21

Northwestern University

The 1851 Scholarship

Peter Alexander Scholarship in Journalism

Roberta Buffet Elliot '54 International Scholarships

Brian d'Arcy James Scholarship in Theatre and Radio/Television/Film

Efrusy Family Scholarship Fund

Carol Gasser Jones Scholarship

International Students' Scholarship

Joshua G. Nolan Estate for Scholarships in Liberal Arts

Pledge Scholarship

Xu & Huang Family Charitable foundation 

Occidental College

Joan and Garth Brandaw P'18

Leonard P '87 and Emese Green Endowed Scholarship

Paul K. Richter and Evalyn E. Cook Richter Memorial Trusts

Mary and Raymond '82 Yen 

Pitzer College

Nash Family Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship

John and Carrie Santangelo Foundation Endowed Fund

Study Abroad Student Support Fund

Ringling College of Art + Design

PNC Wealth Management

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Schweigaard-Olsen

Dr. and Mrs. Stan Williams

Sarah Lawrence College

Mary Miller Davidoff Scholarship Fund

Gaylord Donnelley Family Scholarship for Social Responsibility

Priscilla Finn Hawkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Scholarship Fund

Helen Lynd and Henry Ladd Scholarship Fund

Becky Perces Scholarship Fund

Paul T. Rennell Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for the Environment

Social Responsibility Scholarship Fund

Barbara Walters Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund

Skidmore College

Class of 1946 Scholarship

Dake Scholarship

Frechette Family Foundation Scholarship in Education Studies

Amy '74 and Phil Geier

Patricia Grummon '51 Clegg for International Study

Irene McClellan Scholarship

Jones Scholarship

Jung Scholarship

Kalley Scholarship

Haoran Ma '12

Carolyn A. Marcus Scholarship

Megan McAdams '08 International Community Service Internship Award

Megan '08 and Doug McAdams

Nishimura Scholarship

Oberkotter Scholarship Fund

Palamountain Scholarship

Tisch Scholarship

Mr. Yahia M. Imam and Ms. Kelsey P. Weiss '12

Whitman Scholarship

Zankel Scholarship

St. John's College Anonymous
St. Lawrence University

D. Douglas Andrews Memorial Award

Arpey Family Internship Fund

Gregg and Camy Asplundh Award for International Studies

Sabra J. Bartlett '74 Award for International Studies

Daniel L. Brindisi '89 and Cynthia K. Brindisi P '19 Internship Fellowship

Cabot Family Endowment for International and Intercultural Education 

Richard G. Carlson Career Services Internship Fund

Michael W. and Pamela Van Hoven Clark Career Planning Fund

Jeanne P. Clear '41 Endowed Scholarship

Ann L. Everetts '52 Endowed Award for International Studies

Sol Feinstone International Study Prize

Ferguson Family University Fellows Endowment

France-Merrick Pinkard Fund for International Study

Freeman Foundation Asian Endowment

Gardner Career Awareness Endowment Fund

Giltz, DeLauder & McCullough International Travel Awared

Goldberg Fund for International Study

Karen Caines '93 and C. Neil '94 Gray Fund for International Studies 

Susan Brown '76 Hallenbeck and Rober M. Hallenbeck '76 Endowment for International Research and Study

Linda M. Hanaway Summer Student Travel and Research Fund

Eric H. Hanson '70 Endowment for International Study

Inger Jo Hanson Memorial Award

Kiene/Torosian International Study Award

Eugenie Van Drooge Kissinger '54 Endowed Award for International Study

Jennifer W. Knowles '89 and Robert M. Knowles P'21 Internship Fund

Koski Family University Fellowship

Moran Family Fund

Lorna A. Ness Fellows Fund

Nancy Pierce Endowed Award for International Studies

The H. L. Platt and Barbara Glendenning Platt '53, P '83 International Travel Fund

Ali Pomponio Research Award for International Studies

Priest Scholarship Prize

The Betsy Cogger Rezelman International Travel Endowment Fund

The Romeo/Gilbert Intercultural Endowment

Robert L. Stiles P'71 University Fellows Endowment

Daniel F. '65 and Ann H. Sullivan Endowment for Student/Faculty Research 

The Tanner Fellowship Award

Thompson-Weatherup Family Charitable Foundation University Fellows Endowment

William and Judy Frear '69 Thorpe International Travel Fund

St. Olaf College

Cutts Scholarship

Friends of St. Olaf International Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship

Gangsei: Dr. Lyle Memorial Fund

Goeppinger Family Endowed Scholarship

Groot Scholarship

J. & E. Hoiness Scholarship

Jorgenson Scholarship

L. DeAne Lagerquist Endowed Scholarship

Pong Lertsachanant Scholarship

Janice K. & Timothy I. Maudlin Endowed Scholarship

Mellem Scholarship

David Minge Endowed Scholarship

Bruce and Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb Endowed Scholarship

O. & M. Otterness Scholarship

Philip Overby Scholarship

LaVern & Barbara Rippley International and Off-Campus Studies Endowment

Schelske Scholarship

Thompson Middle East Scholarship

Tweet-Rolvaag-Zempel Norway Scholarship

Trinity College

1823 Scholarship Program


Tufts University The Oliver Chapman Fund
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill H. Allen Gant Scholarship
University of Chicago Neubauer Family Foundation
University of Florida Dr. Margaret Early's United World College Scholarship Program
University of Michigan Cliff Siegel
University of Oklahoma

The Holden Family
Sooner Heritage Scholarships
University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc. 

University of Richmond

Don Quijote Scholarship

Friends of Study Abroad Scholarship Fund

German Studies Program

Ada Moss Harlow and Willliam Maupin Harlow Scholarship

International Business Studies Department

International Education Discretionary Fund

International Students Support Fund

Italian Department

Japanese Language Program

Languages, Literatures and Cultures Discretionary Fund

Latin America and Iberian Studies Discretionary Fund

John Marshall International Center for Study of Statesmanship

Global Business Initiatives in the Richard S. Reynolds Graduate School of Business

Scholars Latino Initiative

Joseph Edwin Trader Fund for International Students

Troncale Fund

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Language Exchange Program

Patricia A. and George W. Wellde, Jr. International Scholarship

University of Rochester Richard and Martha Handler for the Alan and Jane Handler Scholarship Fund
University of Virginia G. Bernard Hamilton
Vassar College The Martha Jarnigan Evans Scholarship Fund
The Lucille Renneckar Glass Fund
Sarah Goddard Power Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wartburg College

Dr. Benjamin D. & Dr. Samantha C. Larimer Bousquet

Dr. Josef M. & Julie A. Breutzmann

Dr. Daniel B. & Carolyn J. Eggers

Elk Creek Lutheran Church Women

Mary Sue Ellinger

 Kimberly K. Folkers

Revs. Robert C. Gremmels & Beth A. Olson

 Kirsten Hafermann

 Professor Herbert W. Hildebrandt

Lucy Joseph

Olga Chyle Jung

Dr. Stephen P. & Elaine C. Main

Dr. Ronald Matthias

 Dr. J. Keith & Kathy L. McClung

 Dr. David A. & Janet J. McCullough

 Mary L. Mortensen

Dr. Peter T. Nash & Jette Odgaard Irgens

Eunice A. Neil

Dr. Lynn J. & Kathy E. Olson

Catherine Pfister

 Kathryn N. Phillips

Dr. Robert J. & Dr. Brenda J. Roman

Garlin & Sonia Scherb

Ziwei Song

Ronald J. & Barbara Ann Stamer

 William & Dina E. Tannous Vega

 Dr. Mark F. Trax & Dr. Ann Henninger

 Dr. Roy M. & Mary A. Ventullo

Shirley S. Walker

 Dr. Edward A. & Jill L. Westen

Dr. Darold M. & Diane E. Wolff

 Drs. Roland K. & Sharon A. Yoshida

Rev. Lloyd F. Ziebarth

Westminster College

The Pat Kirby Endowed Scholarship

Vernon W. & Marion K. Piper Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad

Whitman College Ms. Kris Barry
Williams College Phil ’70 and Amy Geier