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Davis United World College Scholars


Goals of the Davis Philanthropy

The philanthropy of Shelby M.C. Davis is at once practical and aspirational. It reflects the huge potential of private philanthropy to promote international understanding in dynamic, expanding ways. The overarching goal is to provide philanthropic leadership to leverage additional support for transformative impact on individuals, institutions, and the wider world.

The pillars of Davis philanthropy:

  • Provide scholarship support for exemplary and promising students from all cultures, who have absorbed the passion and mission of their UWC schools for building international understanding.

  • Build meaningful clusters of these globally aware scholars within the undergraduate populations of selected partner colleges and universities across the U.S.

  • Help transform the American undergraduate experience through international diversity and intercultural exchange — as much for the large majority of traditional American students as for the scholars.

  • Leverage the value of this philanthropic initiative — to the long term benefit of all learners and their teachers; to contribute to strategic shifts in institutional thinking; to bring greater resources to the effort.

  • Contribute proactively to the well-being of our volatile, highly interdependent world by expecting our scholars and those with whom they interact to take personal responsibility for helping shape a better world.