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Davis United World College Scholars


Comments from Our Partner Institutions

College of the Atlantic
“The Davis UWC Scholars at College of the Atlantic are leaders from the moment they step foot on campus. They seek out opportunities to start new clubs, speak at international conferences, organize fundraising events, and chair committees. These impressive students from such a broad range of cultures create opportunities on campus, throughout Mount Desert Island, in the state of Maine, and on a global stage — even before they graduate. Because of the experience they bring and, really, who they are as UWC Scholars, COA has become a more interesting and global learning community for all of our students.”


Northwestern University
“The class of 2020 includes the largest number of Davis UWC Scholars in Northwestern’s history with the program. Reaching a new milestone in our population of scholars is a direct result of the university’s commitment to bringing more diverse voices to Evanston. Our Davis UWC Scholars represent an incredible mix of intellectual, cultural, economic, and geographical backgrounds that are changing the way Northwestern students, faculty, and alumni engage with and view the world. I look forward to my own interactions with these scholars and to reaching new heights in our relationship with the Davis UWC Scholars Program.”


Brown University
“As societies throughout the world grapple with the difficult political, environmental, and economic issues of the future, the Davis UWC Scholars will lead the way forward through policy change, medical research, and social entrepreneurship. Through their diverse perspectives and breadth of experience, Davis UWC Scholars are essential stakeholders in our endeavor to promote peace and justice in the community, the nation, and the world.”


Luther College
“In a world that so often attempts to classify individuals by what makes us different, our Davis UWC Scholars unite their differences in a way that helps the Luther community reflect on what we hold in common. The Luther mission encourages students to ‘server with distinction for the common good.’ The Davis UWC Scholars on campus inspire us all to embrace our mission more fully.”


Duke University
“The Davis UWC Scholars Program has helped to bring to life Duke’s commitment to a global campus community. Being able to attract these outstanding students means Duke is enriched every day by the Davis UWC Scholars — enriched by their energy, their international perspectives, and the diversity of their life experiences.”


Bennington College
“As our world becomes more and more connected, and as the distances between nations and peoples seem to shrink, it is ever more important that we create sites for learning that reflect our new global age. The Davis UWC Scholars Program allows Bennington College to be one of those sites —a space where debate and collaboration can happen in ways that prepare students, wherever they are from, for a future in which a sort of global fluency will be necessary to ensure their success.”


Macalester College
“It is with appreciation that we welcome each new class of UWC graduates to Macalester, knowing they bring a refined global perspective and an eagerness to be engaged in their education and in the world around them. Each year, I am impressed, although not surprised, that these scholars continue to push themselves, often becoming leaders here at Macalester and volunteering their services within the Twin Cities community at large. The dedication that is a hallmark of the Davis UWC Scholars shapes our community in immeasurable ways, enriching the lives and education of all students at Macalester.”


Middlebury College
“For 16 years, the Davis UWC Scholars have enriched the Middlebury campus with their leadership, dedication, and wide-ranging worldviews. They are essential to our diverse and inclusive college community. They come to Middlebury as ambassadors of the world, bringing with them a diversity of experience. And when they leave, they go out into the world and continue as ambassadors for understanding, human dignity, and service. The Davis UWC Scholars Program is a profound example of student funding with purpose. It demonstrates what can be achieved when vision and goals are aligned.”


Smith College
“In the classroom as well as in cocurricular activities, our Davis UWC Scholars are natural leaders who contribute to the diverse and globally engaged campus community at Smith College. Their energizing presence and international perspectives create a richer learning environment for all Smith students.”


Clark University
“Our ongoing partnership with the Davis United World College Scholars Program has provided us with dynamic, thoughtful students who bring their entrepreneurial and leadership abilities to campus. In combination with Clark University’s focus on liberal education and effective practice (LEEP), their wide-ranging educational experiences and international diversity add to the dialogue and collaboration among students, professors, and alumni that allow undergraduates to excel and prepare them to meet ambitious career and life goals. We enthusiastically look forward to the next group of passionate UWC Scholars who will make their mark on our university and the world.”


Skidmore College
“Skidmore College is today a more globally diverse community than at any point in the college’s history. The success of Davis UWC Scholars at Skidmore has helped us recruit and retain more students from around the United States and the world, students interested in living and learning with an internationally engaged student body.”


St. Lawrence University
“Global citizenship, defined as placing one’s identity within the community of humankind that transcends all geographic and political boundaries, is one of the core values we seek to instill in our students. Perhaps no other student cohort exemplifies this quality more than our St. Lawrence Davis UWC Scholars, who not only bring abundant intellectual curiosity and international perspectives to course discussions and academic work across the disciplines, but who also take on leadership roles in virtually every aspect of cocurricular life on campus. For over a decade, from our classrooms to our student organizations to our residence halls, the Davis UWC Scholars have been making an indelible impact on St. Lawrence University, informing and enriching the outlook and experience of our faculty, staff, and students. We are profoundly grateful for their presence at St. Lawrence and for the continued opportunity to participate in the program.”


Pomona College
“In these divisive times, it is heartening to see students whose educational background has prepared them so well to integrate into a diverse campus environment. UWC students bring a broad international and global perspective that makes them stand out in class and on campus. Their personal narratives and their ability to impact the college are compelling. Our admission staff values the opportunity to recruit students of such high academic quality who bring an unrivaled ability to provide leadership and work with peers from diverse backgrounds. We appreciate the Davis family’s scholarship support for Davis UWC Scholars at Pomona and look forward to continuing to partner with you in educating leaders for a global world.”


Wellesley College
“Wellesley College is proud to be one of the five founding institutions that have benefited from the Davises’ generosity. Since 2000, our Davis United World College Scholars have added an important voice and perspective to our campus community. Wellesley’s Davis UWC Scholars are leaders. You can see it in all aspects of campus life.”


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“An international presence on campus has a deeply beneficial effect on domestic students. It exposes them to new ideas about the world both inside the classroom and outside of it, and helps foster a deeper understanding of the world at large. We at UNC are so grateful for the role the Davis UWC Scholars Program plays in making these kinds of connections possible. Davis UWC Scholars contribute in meaningful ways to the life of our campus. Not only do they bring a global perspective, they also represent a broad spectrum of experiences and backgrounds that reflect great diversity in perspectives, languages, beliefs, traditions, race, and socioeconomic status. We all gain when these are part of a dynamic, thriving community. The Davis Scholars here are noted for their collegiality and intrepidness, and their enthusiasm is infectious.”


Oberlin College
“The United World College program is designed to be worldwide in scope and impact, but Davis UWC Scholars contribute so much to Oberlin’s campus. With their intellect, spirit, creativity, and consciousness, they join fellow Obies in viewing their education as an opportunity to make a difference in the world around them. This scholarship not only represents relief to Oberlin’s international student aid budget, allowing us to enroll even more international students, but also benefits all students at Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music who have the privilege to live and learn from such diverse world viewpoints.”


University of Richmond
“The Davis UWC Scholars Program vividly reflects our institutional mission to ‘prepare students for lives of purpose, thoughtful inquiry and responsible leadership in a diverse world.’ Davis UWC Scholars enrich our campus community as they bring a breadth of international experience to the classrooms and campus life. With the knowledge and broad perspectives developed in the United World Colleges, they encourage their classmates to view the familiar with new powers of inquiry, and to welcome people, cultures, and perspectives that differ from their own.”


University of Pennsylvania
“In higher education, excellence goes hand in hand with diversity. Universities that think globally, by providing exciting opportunities to study abroad and bringing the best international scholars to campus, will shape the strongest leaders. A symphony of student voices among classmates advances critical thinking and sharpens students’ ability to communicate with those whose ideas, language, and perspectives are often different from theirs. Our Davis UWC Scholars enhance the Penn experience by bringing with them varied and diverse backgrounds and viewpoints — certainly strengthened by the United World College high-school experience — to the great benefit of the entire Penn community.”


Colorado College
“At Colorado College, we believe each student’s educational experience is richer when surrounded by talented and curious students from different cultures, backgrounds, and places. Our Davis UWC Scholars play an important role in building that dynamic culture at CC. Their intellectual curiosity, global perspective, and wonderful optimism have a positive impact on our campus and, as they graduate, on our world. Our Davis UWC Scholars take great pride in being leaders on campus, and I am grateful to Shelby and Gale, and the United World Colleges, for helping to prepare all of our students to become global citizens.”


Trinity College
“Our Davis UWC Scholars enhance the rich diversity of students found on Trinity’s campus. They are scholars and leaders, and serve as cultural ambassadors for their home countries. We value their unique perspectives and are proud to be a member of the Davis UWC Scholars community.”


Ringling College of Art and Design
“Ringling College of Art and Design is so proud and delighted to be part of the Davis UWC Scholars Program. The unique and exceptional qualities the UWC students provide to our campus are of tremendous value to our entire community and the institution as a whole. Indeed, these students help raise the bar for all student performance on campus. Part of Ringling College’s mission is to foster globally aware citizens who will become the creative leaders of tomorrow, and our participation in this progressive program helps us to attain this goal at a higher level.”


Williams College
“This year Williams welcomed its largest-ever cohort of Davis UWC Scholars, and we are deeply grateful to the Davis United World College Scholars Program for making this possible. These exceptional students add immeasurably to our community, enhancing an important global perspective that is fundamental to the liberal arts education Williams provides.”


Colby College
“Colby is proud to be an original partner of the Davis UWC Scholars Program. Since 2000, these talented and motivated students from around the world have brought so much to the Colby community. Their global perspectives and intellectual depth enhance classroom discussions and the residential experience at Colby, and we are grateful to the Davis UWC Scholars Program for helping to make this a truly international campus. It is incredible to see how our UWC students embrace opportunities during their time at Colby and go on to make meaningful contributions throughout the world.”


University of Florida
“We greatly value our international students, and UF’s Davis UWC Scholars are especially bright lights. Many Davis UWC Scholars hail from countries that send only a few students to us, and we are very grateful for their presence. Davis UWC Scholars at UF also have a well-earned reputation for generously sharing their perspectives and cultures with our other students. They epitomize the ideal of global citizenship and serve as great examples to the rest of us.”


Lake Forest College
“Since 2004, Lake Forest College has been the academic home to 154 United World College students – and counting. Each UWC student has made unique and important cultural, social, and scholarly contributions to our campus community. I look forward to continuing our tradition of welcoming UWC students to Lake Forest.”


Agnes Scott College
“The UWC Scholars continue to be an important part of the Agnes Scott College community, enriching the classroom and social and intellectual culture of our campus with their unique global and leadership experiences. They truly bring the world to our doorstep!”


University of Oklahoma
“I share the United World College philosophy – a more peaceful world will result when people of different cultures come to know and understand each other. This is the type of community we foster at OU, and our community is greatly enriched by our Davis UWC Scholars. They are leaving a legacy at Oklahoma.”


Whitman College
“At Whitman College, we are strongly committed to making the campus inclusive, equitable, and diverse in all its forms, and are currently developing a plan of action to help achieve that goal. Our Davis UWC Scholars are a key part of that plan, as they bring to our campus a range of cultures, perspectives, and experiences that help foster intercultural awareness and appreciation and enrich our community in countless ways.”


Scripps College
“On behalf of the Scripps College community, I thank the Davis United World College Scholars Program for enriching our campus with the best and brightest students from across the globe. Programs like this not only enable Scripps to better fulfill one of our top institutional priorities of becoming a more diverse and inclusive environment, but also to develop a learning environment that serves our entire community well. We are deeply grateful for the program’s continued support of our students.”